Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Coming Soon....

House pictures...I promise. Several of you have been asking and I've located the camera, so as soon as I catch a free minute, I'll post some pictures. Promise!

On a positive note, we're in, we're living, and we're chaotic...but we're getting there. Kitchen and bedroom are almost all unpacked. Trenton has all four toilets and showers up and running. We've not *fingers crossed* seen any live mice for a couple weeks (or none my husband has mentioned to me anyway). I baked my first cake in the new kitchen yesterday and actually had room to move around. Mom helped me get the bedroom "mom" cleaned on Monday night and I've slept great the last two nights. We hung a few pictures yesterday and I'm already dreaming of Christmas.

NOW...I feel like I need to express how extremely grateful and thankful I am that God provided us with our little house 2 years ago. As a newly married couple, being able to move into "our" own home was absolutely memorable. I know most people would jump at the idea of moving to a house that has 4 times the space we had in our little house, but I loved our little house with all my heart. I cried several nights while trying to decide if I really wanted to leave it. Sure having to push the kitchen table out of the way to open the fridge was a pain. Not having a single closet in the house caused many moments of anxiety when looking for a certain item of clothing because there was no space for dressers. Having no cabinet space or room to move when trying to roll out pie crust caused me much distress. BUT that little house was where we first made our home as husband and wife. That little bitty spare bedroom was where I dreamed of decorating a nursery and bringing our baby home last year. That cramped living room with the drafty windows is where I sulked all winter because I felt abadoned by God. The tiny bedroom that was always lit up because the pole light shone right in the window ALL night long, was where my husband held me as I sobbed after our loss. BUT that little cramped kitchen is also where we danced to the radio. That same living room is where we snuggled on the couch and laughed while watching the puppies wiggle around on the floor. The basement that flooded and ruined our furnace and water heater is where I think we first realized that well, sometimes life just stinks.

And while I'm extremely happy to have enough room to play indoor football and space to actually have friends over to visit without the CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome).....I thank God for our little house that was filled with love, happiness, sadness, determination, joy, life, death, tears, smiles, and laughter. It was a blessing in many ways to us and our marriage.

Monday, October 19, 2009

By Your Side

The strangest thing has been happening to me lately. Each night when I pray, the same song pops into my head, but only the chorus. I sing myself to sleep silently repeating the chorus over and over hoping that I'll be able to remember it in the morning. I'm sure most of you know the one thing that is always in my prayers, each and every night. Each night, I pray for our babies that we will never hold in our arms here on Earth and I pray that God will bless us with ones we can hold soon. These words have comforted me every night, through my tears, for about the last month. Well, apparently while I'm drifting away, someone erases those words from my memory, because every morning, I think and think and hum and hum, but can never remember them. Now, Oh Happy Day can get stuck in my head for a week at a time, but the words to a song I actually WANT to remember....GONE! Every morning, the minute I get in the car, I turn on Spirit FM, hoping I'll hear the song and it will jog my memory. No such luck. Until today....

I don't know if this song is God's way of comforting me and reminding me that He still loves Trenton & I even though thing have been so hard and difficult this past year. Or if it's His way of trying to tell me to just keep praying and believing. I'm not sure. But in case I forget these again....I'm bloggin' em' down....


And I know there’s a plan for you
Your life has a purpose
There’s hope beyond your broken road
Jesus set a place for you
At the front of the table with the weary and the wounded
And He’s showing the way, the truth,
the life for every day
So when you lose your way

Don’t give up, don’t give in
This is a race that you can win
Every time you get passed by
There is a reason why
God loves and believes in you
He knows the pain that you’re going
He’s with you every step of the way
And He’s by your side

When your life comes crashing in
You’re a ship without a sail
Everything you’ve tried has failed you
Never thought you’d feel so sad
It’s a nightmare without end
It's getting harder to defend it
God will send his heavenly host to fight
for you and help you walk on through it

Don’t give up, don’t give in
This is a race that you can win
Every time you get passed by
There is a reason why
God loves and believes in you
He knows the pain that you’re going
He’s with you every step of the way
And He’s by your side

By your side every day every night

Don’t give up, don’t give in
This is a race that you can win
Every time you get passed by
And you’ve lost your way

Don’t give up, don’t give in
This is a race that you can win
Every time you get passed by
There is a reason why
God loves and believes in you
He knows the pain that you’re going
He’s with you every step of the way


Don’t give up, don’t give in
This is a race that you can win
Every time you get passed by
There is a reason why
God loves and believes in you
He knows the pain that you’re going
He's with you every step of the way
And He’s by your side

Thursday, October 8, 2009

I need your help Ladies- Decorating Question

Ok...I've been looking at different bedroom sets for several months now. I can't make up my mind on a color scheme. Now that I know we're going to be allowed to paint at the new house, I'm trying to decide. Here are my top color schemes: Chocolate/aqua or chocolate/green...or any other suggestions???

Here are the bedroom sets I've found at JCPenney's that I like....BUT I CANNOT pick a favorite. Trenton doesn't like any of them in particular b/c he would prefer our bedroom be decorated like a tomb with like hunter green, navy, black, or something along those lines...not happening. Please give me your opinions. I can only attach some of the pictures...check out the links for the others.

#1) Tranquil Flowers: Blue, Green or Cream

#2) Tobiana: Blue or Green

#3) Sakura:Blue

#4) Laila:Green

or #5) Regatta from Ebay in blue or green

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hebrew 11:1

It's my 100th post. I wanted to celebrate, but I can't. But I do want to remember it by leaving this verse as a reminder that life will go on and to just keep having faith that GOD has a plan.

Hebrews 11:1

Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and being certain of what we do not see.

God, give us grace to accept with serenity
the things that cannot be changed,
Courage to change the things
which should be changed,
and the Wisdom to distinguish
the one from the other.

Living one day at a time,
Enjoying one moment at a time,
Accepting hardship as a pathway to peace,
Taking, as Jesus did,
This sinful world as it is,
Not as I would have it,
Trusting that You will make all things right,
If I surrender to Your will,
So that I may be reasonably happy in this life,
And supremely happy with You forever in the next.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009 turned upside down

Life is....exhausting right now. I'm not sure how those of you with school-aged kids ever get back into a routine, b/c this girl is worn out.

Summer went by WAY to quickly. Started back to work in August and it's been a constant up-hill battle every since. I, however, have started planninng our meals and only using what we have here at the house. I'm proud to say in the last two weeks, the only thing I've bought is eggs and milk. Now, tonight we cheated and had Buddy's b/c we were out at the farm, but other than that it's been freezer, pantry, and garden cooking for us. Which has saved us a lot of money, but also a lot of stress. Trenton is working from home now, which is also nice b/c he can help with laundry, dishes, etc. If I get off work late, he can preheat the oven and stick whatever I have ready in the oven. Also, I've been making sure all the dishes are washed or put in the dishwasher before we got to bed. This makes prep work in the morning easier, and I feel less guilty about how late I've had to work these past few weeks.

At school.......where to start! It's getting easier and harder at the same time. Yesterday, I only left my office, other than just stepping across to the main office, once. That was to pee on my way out the door to go home at 6:00. Things are getting crossed off my list and I've been extremely productive. BUT my door is like a revolving door and more stuff gets added to the list every DAY! We've had 10 new special ed kids enroll this year. Many just showing up on our doorstep wanting to start that day. I hate putting more kids on the teachers, but it's just part of it I guess. I've got a lot better grasp on how things work this year and have a TON of ideas for next summer to make my back to school transition go smoother.

My husband is working extremely hard to get his business up and running. They should be starting the dirt work for the building tomorrow. He picked up his weigh wagon in Chillicothe today. He has a meet & greet with customers on Friday. He's really found his niche with this position I think, and I couldn't be prouder of him! I know it's going to be stressful on us as a couple, but I think we'll make a great team!

We're going to be able to move after September 16th. My goal is to start packing this weekend and be all moved by the end of September and have our house ready to rent out Oct. 1st. That's my plan...we'll see what God has in store.

Miss Myra, my neice, turns 1 on Sept. 15th. I can't believe it's been almost a year! I can't imagine life without her. She just makes my life complete and she's not even mine! She's hilarious, sassy, adorable, and just a joy! She changes everytime I see her. She is absolutely my most favorite kid in the whole world!!

Other than that, all is quiet on the home front.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What a fabulous giveaway!!

Head on over to Amy Honestly and check out her great giveaway for a Longaberger breast cancer awareness basket! It's fantastic and looks beautiful!

Monday, July 6, 2009


Look what I won!!!! Thanks to Amy for the wonderful giveaway and to Bree for pointing me in Amy's direction! I'll be anxiously awaiting my prize!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Prayer Request Please

I do not know this family or this girl, but I read about her story on another blog I follow regularly and felt the need to seek out your help. I know the power of prayer is strong and I really feel like this little girl can use all the prayers we can possibly send up for her right now. Her name is Kate. On Monday, her mom took her to the doctor for hand tremors she was having. They are now facing a very aggressive and malignant brain tumor the size of an egg that is wrapped around the blood vessels that feed the motor part of your brain. She is having surgery today to remove part of the tumor and to find out what treatment options are best. Please, please, please pray for this beautiful child and her family. I know we're strangers to them, but we are not to God.

Please visit their site at:

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Super Excited

We signed the paperwork for our land today, so it's official. We now own it. The pond is fully stocked and it's OURS!!!! Trenton will hopefully be able to start building his warehouse later this fall and get started on that. We have some other projects in the works that I'm equally excited about and really thankful for them. I feel like God has definitely blessed us lately and continues to always provide for us in ways we could never have seen. I'm ready for this next chapter in our lives and hope other things we've been waiting for are soon to follow. One step at a time!

I'm ready for the 4th this weekend. It will be a busy few days, but it sounds like beautiful weather and I love visiting with family and friends. Lerin is coming in from Colorado today and will be here for quite a few days. Butch and Lisa will be having their celebration on Friday, we'll go to the golf course on Saturday afternoon and evening. Then on Sunday, we'll go to Gma Tallman's for fireworks and ice cream that evening. All in all, very busy, but filled with lots of family time!

So far, so good on the FlyLady stuff. I'm not hitting it super hard, but for the last 4 days, I've made my bed first thing, cleaned the bathroom toilet and sink daily, and kept my kitchen sink empty of dirty dishes and shiny! It's a small start, but it's more than what I was doing. Now to start on the clutter! I'm hoping small changes now, will make it easier in a few months when the big changes start to happen around here and school is back in session!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Where to start??

I'm not in love with the fact that it feels like summer is flying by. Seriously, 4th of July next week...that means the rest of summer will fly by and it will be back to school time soon :(

I've been going in a few days a week and working in my office. I wasn't very productive while summer school was going on because there were always people in and out of my office, but now that there are less people there, I can get quite a bit done. Trenton & I now have internet at home for his new job, but hopefully, I'll be able to work some from home as well.

I'm currently sitting on the couch listening to my husband talk to the ATT IT guy on speakerphone and cracking up. Trenton is usually a pretty patient person (seriously, he DID marry me!) but I have a feeling this guy is getting on his last nerve. Poor guy!

This heat has seriously been limiting our activities. Trenton was gone to training Monday night through Wednesday night. I stayed out at my parents on Tuesday b/c I'm a big scaredy cat and didn't want to stay home during the storm. Wednesday night we had a date night and went to see Transformers 2. Trenton has been counting down the days sine last summer. He's also super excited for Ice Age 3! Thursday night we went to watch Colby and Emma's ballgames...boy was it hot! I feel for those kids out there in their uniforms! Thankfully, the storm blew in a cooled things off a bit, but went around us and skipped the rain! Last night, we went to Bloomfield so I could show the church ladies group how to play Bunco. It was a hoot. Trenton & I stopped at Pizza Hut for a quick bite, got some chocolate dessert sticks to go and headed out to James & Amee's for cards. AND........Amee and I actually won for a change. The boys decided we needed to play 4 point pitch...which is an annoying game to me and I'm not even sure how to play it, but we ended up winning that too! Bout time!

Tonight, Trenton and I are going to take Kayla to dinner and go see The Proposal. Mom had to take Nana back to Columbia today b/c she fell last night at the nursing home. It's been so hard having her in the nursing home. It's stupid, but I have an extreme phobia of nursing homes, so I haven't been able to go visit her. It's hard to see her so frail. I'm really sad that she had another stroke b/c she had made so much progress in getting her independence back after the first one. Hopefully though, she'll progress quickly and be back home in no time!

Other than that, nothing exciting on the home front here. Trying to clean and get the house organized. My main summer goal is to de-clutter our house. I know some of you thought Fly Lady was annoying, but I'm giving it another shot just to try to help with the process a little. Wish me luck!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Flip Flops and Sunburns

Nothing says summer like flip flops and sunburns and I am currently sporting both. I love the relaxed atmosphere and dress required at summer school. I've been able to wear capris, sleeveless shirts and flip flops almost daily. However, even a 30 minute recess leaves me with a nice little sunburn!

Been awhile since I posted. I'll try to do a quick catch up...let's see...

My mom is having hip surgery on June 10th in Columbia.

Trenton is currently on crutches as of yesterday. He fell off the tractor/stepped down wrong and sprained his ankle terribly. They don't believe it's broken at this point, but we're waiting on the official radiology report to find out for sure. There was a possible fracture on the inside.

Went to Colby & Emma's games last night! I love watching them. I snapped a good pic of Trenton & Emma, I'll try to add at the bottom.

My great uncle on my mom's side just passed away a little bit ago after a very long battle with lung cancer. I expect we'll be traveling to the KC area soon.

Summer school is officially done for me tomorrow. Yea!! After that I only have about 4 days of my extended contract left to fulfil and then I will be on vacation until....AUGUST!!!

Jamie (my sister's) bridal shower is June 20th. Holly, Kate, and I are busy planning away. It will be at mark the date on your calendars family members!

My brother's wedding is June 27th...
Jamie's actually wedding is August 1st.
We have 4 weddings this summer...

I have more exciting news...Trenton & I are *almost* officially land owners! We put an offer down on 16 acres at the Hwy 63 and 202 junction on Wednesday and found out today, pending financing, we should be land owners as of July 15th!!! I'm so excited! It's where Trenton plans on building the site for his business with Pioneer. It's where we will hopefully be building our house in the next couple of years. We can move my horses there soon. It has a fully stocked pond, trees, a creek, good fences, etc. It's not very many acres I know, but it's perfect. Initially, I wasn't sold on putting the house there. But we did a walk around of the property the other night, and standing on top of the hill, I could just picture it and it actually brought me to tears. It's so amazing to see a small piece of a dream come true. I'm hoping that maybe we will be able to close a little sooner, but we'll see!

Andrea- I can't tell you how much we adore your kids! Thanks for being so willing to share them with us! We owe Colby a fishing/camping sleepover maybe after we seal the deal on the land we can set it up!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I'm beat. Summer school started yesterday and I am EXHAUSTED! I have 4,5,6 grades in the morning for science and social studies. Our theme is the past so we are studying Colonial America. It's wearing my brain out. Then in the afternoons, I'm subbing in 1,2,3 grades for Games of the Past. Only, with the rain, it's actually games of the present temporarily. I'm working hard to remember everyone's names...but let me tell you it's hard to remember 120 names in 2 days. Thankfully, I'm only teaching afternoons until Friday. Then next week it will be 7:30-12. I'll be finished with summer school entirely on Saturday, June 6th. I have a few days of my extended contract to finish...then it will be officially time for my SUMMER vacation to begin. I plan to spend lots of time cleaning and organizing my house. I am going to have a yard sale sometime, maybe the weekend of 4th of July, so I really need to start getting things ready for that. I think my sisters may go in with me on it.....we'll see. We're busy planning for Jamie's wedding shower and helping her with wedding stuff. Trenton & I have 3 or 4 weddings this summer, 4 I think.

It's been awhile since I blogged, so I'm not sure what to write really. I think it's time for some nyquil and a nap. I'm zonked! Last Wednesday, I ended the day with a 100+ fever and chills. Went to the dr. on Thursday and was told I had influenza. I'm still recovering now. Mostly the junk has settled in my chest and I can't breathe. I take Nyquil, but it completely knocks me out. Last night, I got home at 5, slept from 5:30-7, ate supper that Trenton made while I was sleeping, then went to bed at about exhausted.

Andrea- I still have Colby's birthday present sitting in my living room floor. Sometime we need to catch up so I can give it to him before his next birthday.

PS= What day is Bunco on this month? Is it going to be June 16th still? I can't remember......

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Picture Recap!

I'm going to add a few pics from the last couple of weeks that I haven't been able to add. Enjoy!

I'm back...

So thanks to my super smart co-worker and friend, Jenn, I am back to blogging and can now add pictures! I'll try to wait until 1000 Word Thursday to share my favorite pics.

Our girls' day on Saturday was interesting to say the least. Mom and Kate met me in Lancaster at about 7 am. We picked up Lucy in Bloomfield and headed off to get Holly in Eddyville. We hit a few garage sales on our way to Eddyville and got some good deals. Played with Miss Myra for a few minutes and then we were off to Pella. It was freezing when we first got to Pella, but we grabbed some coffee and soon enough if was warm and beautiful outside. We decided at about 2:00 we should start making our way to the car and head on up to Boone. We were supposed to be there by 5:00 to board the train and depart at 5:30. We needed to change clothes so we stopped at a rest area outside of Des Moines. Kate & I ran into the bathroom to change clothes, while the others stretched and waited. Got back in my Trailblazer to leave AND........NOTHING! My car was dead in the water. Lovely, 5 women at a rest stop along the interstate with no vehicle. We tried to figure out what to do. After about 20 minutes a man in a mini-coupe asked if he could help. Unfortunately, his little toy car didn't have enough juice to jump my battery. Holly happened to have some friends in Des Moines for the PBR this weekend. Her friend Meggie and husband, Ricky, went to K-mart, bought a battery for my blazer, and brought it out to us. In all that time, not ONE single person stopped and offered to help. It was kinda sad. I mean one guy parked beside us (in a SUV),saw our hood up, walked over looked under the hood, never said a word, then turned around and clicked the lock on his we were going to STEAL it! Finally, Ricky and Meggie arrived, but we didn't have enough tools to get the old battery out. By this time, I knew we were going to miss the train. I was so disappointed. A man in a Tahoe pulled up on the right, got out, went in to the bathroom. As he was coming back out, he kinda looked our way, then kept walking. He turned around and asked if we had things under control. Mom said "I guess, unless you have a set of sockets in that thing?". He laughed and said, "Actually, I'm a certified master automotive technician. I've got my tools in back, want some help?" THANK YOU LORD!! He had the old batter out and the new one replaced in about 10 minutes. The car started right up and we were on our way! We knew we weren't going to make it, but thought we would at least try. By this time it was 5 o'clock and we were still 40 minutes away. We arrived at the train depot and I jumped out of the car. I was too afraid to shut it off. Got to the doors and they were locked! I was ready to cry. But then the conductor of one of the other trains came out and said, " Are you the Tallman's?" I told him we were and he said," well hurry up and come with me. I 'll take you to meet the train. I just stopped it at the last possible point we can meet up." So all 6 of us piled into his Ford Explorer. They had stopped the entire train for us. When we got on, the entire car of people on the train started clapping for us. It was MAJORLY embarrassing. The rest of the ride was pretty uneventful compared to that, but we did have a fantastic time and saw some gorgeous scenery along the way.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


I still can't post photos...what's the deal? Whenever I go to "New Post" it doesn't show all the little options at the top, like font, size, link, add photo, etc....where did they go???

Monday, May 4, 2009

Spirit FM

I don't know how many of you listen to 90.7, but I listen every morning on my way to work and most days while I'm at work. It's one of the perks to having my own office, I can listen to whatever I want. My husband won't listen to it in the car, but I keep trying. I think if he would just listen for a day, he'd change his opinion. Maybe that's what I'll ask for on my birthday. Anyway, I truly believe listening to this station has helped to further root me in my faith. I love Jim & Karen of a morning, and Darren during mid-morning/afternoon. I like Ken Davis' little piece of a morning and it always makes me smile. Today is Harvest Monday. They have been giving different testimonies all morning. Right now there is a message on talking about Keeping God First: in your finances, your time, your decisions.

Trenton & I are going to be joining the Financial Peace classes in a few weeks. Mostly because I've heard a lot about it from Spirit FM and feel like we're being guided (shoved!) toward this class. I've resisted that tug for months now, since they first started advertising it, and feel like NOW is the time!

Last night, during my prayers at bed, I just kept listing off all these things I've been worrying and stressing about: work, bills, Trenton's job, our family or lack there of, personal image struggles, etc. Everytime one of these would pop into my head to pray about, a voice would say, "God is in control". I think for the first time, I shut my own voice up long enough to hear God's voice. It's like someone said, " You fool, stop worrying about all this, I'm in control, not you." I'm constantly stressing myself out with "my plan". My plan for when we'll have kids, how old I'll be, what month it will be, etc. Or if we do this now then this will happen then. I've always told myself that God wants me to have a plan, but I think I've actually been trying to "out maneuver" God and control things in my way, instead of praying about it and letting it be done HIS way. And guess what...every single time "my plan" fails. I set myself up for so much disappointment. We don't understand what's happened to us in the past year. I've said several times, "it's all part of God's plan", but still secretly been VERY angry with God for letting it happen. I was angry though b/c it didn't go according to my plan. I felt out of control. I truly think last night though, that I realized, so what? I don't get to be in control. I have a GOD that is ALWAYS in control. I have a GOD that has a plan and while I may not understand it, I certainly don't get to control it. I feel like I've been living a lie in a way, b/c I've been talking the talk, but not truly believing it. I've still wanted it to go according to my plan. I wonder what I've missed b/c I've been so consumed with my plan? What has God tried to show me, guide me to, etc in the past few months that I've missed by being so consumed in my own selfishness? I contribute a lot of this realization to Spirit FM. I'm not putting GOD first, I'm putting my own selfish wants, worries, and desires first.

Tomorrow is New Partner Connection Day with Spirit FM. I'm planning on making a monthly pledge, because I want to help them continue their ministry. If you get a chance, take a listen. Even if it's only for an hour, I think you'll realize it's so much more than what all the other junk on the radio is. I'm not saying I don't still listen to other stations occassionally, but I can tell you none of them inspire me quite the same.

Spirit FM

Friday, May 1, 2009


So I wanted to share a post with you of the beautiful lilacs that my husband picked for me yesterday. And I wanted to share a picture with you of my adorable niece in her shades because I'm missing her like crazy. And I was going to tell you about my version of therapy, baking, and how it resulted in an overabudance of cookie dough at my house when I simply wanted to bake a few to relieve some stress and share with a hard-working, dedicated co-worker.......BUT....blogger is making me mad, it won't let me add pictures at the moment, my eye is twitching, and I need a nap after a week like instead... I'm just going to say have a great weekend. Enjoy the sunshine if there is any and by all means, pray. Pray that these next few weeks will NOT be like this week has been. Otherwise, please forward all emails, mail, and phone calls to my therapist (I'll have to get one of those) because there isn't enough cookie dough in the world for me to bake to help me survive another week like this!

PS- 4 (yes, only 4) days until BUNCO! And I'm not a loser this month, so I'm actually going to be able to go. And seriously, guys, who's bringing the margaritas?

Monday, April 27, 2009

What a weekend!

We completely enjoyed our weekend away. We didn't get to leave as early as we would have liked to on Friday, but that didn't stop us from having a good time. Neither did getting lost trying to find our hotel. Well, let's translate lost. Translation: Erin didn't pay attention to the directions and forgot to tell Trenton what exit to take. Therefore, we spent about an extra 25 minutes on the road trying to find a different route :) Live and learn. We drove from Platte City up to St. Joe and ate at Red Lobster b/c we were both craving it...delish! Came back to the hotel and crashed. Slept in Saturday morning, did a little shopping, then came back just in time to get ready. The wedding was beautiful and the reception was amazing. It was sooooo good to see Bree and Katie. The weather cooperated just long enough for everyone to get to the reception. It was however in a tin-roofed barn. Talk about loud! The rain would pound for 15-20 minutes, stop, then start again. We finally left the reception to head back to the hotel. We were going to soak in the hot tub and do some swimming. Unfortunately, tornadoes were popping up all around us and the tornado sirens were going off in Platte City. After the storm passed we finally got to relax a bit :) Sunday found us sleeping in again! We headed to St. Joe to meet our friends Monica & Chad and their two little boys, Augutus and William. We got to eat lunch at Olive Garden and visit for a couple hours. was raining, but still it was good food and a great time catching up with friends! I think we've made a plan to start an annual camping trip.

The barn where the reception was held. The whole place was absolutely beautiful and perfect for a country wedding :)

The storm rolling in...

Katie, Bree & I

Bree and I. Bree & I joined sorority at NW the same year. We also lived in the same apartment building. We shared many memories and many nights of talking, cooking and just hanging out. I miss her tons and wish we were closer. She met Nick about the same time Trenton & I started dating.

Trenton & I standing on the porch of the barn. We had such a great time, despite the cruddy weather!

Friday, April 24, 2009

And we're off :)

After a fun filled day at the roller rink with our special education students, I'm exhausted, but extremely excited at the same time. We took the kids skating this morning for their great behavior, attitude, and effort on the MAP testing. Then we came back to the school for pizza & a movie.'s Friday and Trenton & I are heading out of town to head to Kansas City for a sorority sister's wedding. Not only am I ecstatic to see her after 4 years.....but I'm so ready for a weekend away. We'll be meeting old friend in St. Joe from college on Sunday. I'm probably going to spend tonight soaking in the hot tub after attempting to skate today for the first time in SEVERAL years. Good news is: the insurance detuctibles are met for the year....Great news is: we didn't need them! I didn't even fall once! :) But I probably won't be able to move tomorrow :)

Have a great weekend! Enjoy the sunshine!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

This girl...

SO SO SO proud of this kid! Well, she isn't a kid anymore, she's almost 18. Last night was her Area FFA Banquet. She got her Area Degree, 2nd place in Extemporaneous Speaking in the Area, and was installed as the Area III Historian. I've always been proud of her and proud to be her sister, but I'm just amazed at how grown up she is. It's so hard when I've protected her and helped care for her over the years to realize that soon it's going to be time to let her go. Oh...I'm tearing up just thinking about it. We've always had such a special connection. She's the best kid sister ever and I love her more than she'll ever know!

Way to go Katie Nell! We love you, Taz!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Opening Morning and 3-D

This morning is opening morning of the Spring Turkey Season. Trenton was up and at 'em at 5:00 am. At about 6:30, he called to report that the world was short another turkey. He was so excited b/c it's the first tom he's ever called him by himself. I had to take pictures to share! I don't know much about "turkey posing" so I did the best I could. Way to go, baby! He'll hopefully get a chance to go back out next week and try again!

I enjoyed a very lazy weekend. I slept in Saturday b/c Trenton had to go down to work. Got up and got ready to go help at with Campus Bowl districts in Memphis. Then we went out to a dinner and movie with the Jones. We ate at Pagliai's in K-ville and then went to the ultimate 3-D experience...or that's what was advertised. We went to a very grown up and sophisticated movie...Monsters vs. Aliens. LOL. Trenton & I probably watch more cartoon movies than we do anything else. My husband is about to pee his pants with excitement for the release of Ice Age III in 3-D in July. He's been looking forward to it for a year now! I snapped some pics of all of us sporting our snazzy 3-D glasses.

Yesterday, I got up early to get ready to teach Sunday school. We stayed for the 2nd service. Afterwards, we came home, ate some leftovers, and I proceeded to be lazy the rest of the day. I used to read like 3 books a week. I love Nora Roberts. But somehow over the last couple years, I've just stopped reading. Thursday, I had to get some groceries at Hy-vee and saw the latest Nora book, Tribute. So I spent my $7.99 and threw it in the cart. Normally, I wouldn't spend that much money on a book, but I just wanted to READ! And that I did, I read on Saturday morning and all afternoon yesterday instead of doing laundry OR finishing my painting, but dangit, I love a good book! I can't wait to finish it tonight, after the new workout class that is~

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Laundry Room Border

This is the border for the room. It won't be up until all the painting is done...but I'm hoping it looks ok when we're all done!

Laundry Room Pics

Keep in mind these are camera phone pics b/c Trenton has my camera today to take pictures of his control burn at work. They're fuzzy...but I think you can get an idea of the "crackle" effect.

Me and my big ideas....

So for the last few months, I've been saving my $$$ to remodel the laundry room. I knew that in April I'd be getting paid for all the extra hours I spent tutoring after school, so I finally decided on an idea and gathered my supplies. I'll post a complete before and after, well when it's finally finished. Our laundry room was crowded with a computer desk, pantry, shelf with food staples, washer/dryer, and general catch-all. I didn't get any before before pictures with all the junk in there, but I did get some of everything but the desk. The walls were wooden paneling (B-E-A-UTIFUL). I bought the border I wanted back in the fall and have just been saving it for a time when I could afford to do the rest. I'm pretty satisfied with the way it's turning out, but my house is a complete disaster in the process. This was supposed to all take place over Easter break....that didn't happen, not even close. There are three coats to the painting. The first has to dry for 24 hours. I started this coat at about 8 pm on Friday night. Trenton took the day off and we spent time catching up the laundry since the washer/dryer would be unhooked for a few days. We also spent the day "de-junking" the laundry room. Holly and Logan needed a computer desk, so we moved it out to the porch for them to pick up on Saturday. Trenton put the puppy outside to move to the big pen, cleaned up that area, and we were finally able to get up to the attic again. He moved both computers up to the attic as well as some other stuff. Saturday and Sunday were chaotic with Easter and dinners and whatnot, but Monday was going to be the day to finish. My mom had said she would help me finish the painting. The 2nd coat needs to dry 1-2 hours and then the last coat has to go on within 4 hours. So Monday comes, Mom can't help and I have to meet Trenton in town for a meeting. Finally get home, but it's too late to start the painting.

Trenton hates my projects. HATES! Mostly, b/c....he always gets roped into helping no matter how much I insist that I will get it done on my own. So, last night, I got home from work about 5:30 and started the clear crackle coat. When he got home it was dry enough for us to start the top coat. News flash: I suck at painting. I get mad b/c it doesn't look right and pout. This is what always happens. This is why Trenton always ends up involved. So I painted one tiny little bit last night and then just stood by for moral support as he painted. He's my hero. He always saves my butt on these projects of mine. I get so frustrated b/c I have creativity, it's just trapped in my head. I have all these beautiful ideas floating around in there, but not enough talent to get them out and actually have them turn out. That's why we're a good team. I seriously think designing our house will be fun b/c he can take my ideas and turn them into real life. So, long story short, we got 2 of the fours walls done and will hopefully finish tonight. I have to re-touch the trim and am hoping Mom can help with border Thursday. For now, here's a snapshot of the semi-finished product on the walls. It's supposed to look like barn board. That's what I envisioned anyway.....thoughts???

Thank you, baby, for your help! I couldn't do all these wonderful projects without you! You're my saving grace!

***Edited to add*** I can't get the picture to post right now, but I'll keep working on it!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

1000 Word Thursday

This is the view when you walk into our school each morning. Bright, springy tulips in red and pink! It just cheers me up each morning and I've been waiting to capture them on camera! So enjoy!

Friday, April 3, 2009

While I'm Waiting

I heard this song today on Spirit FM (yes, I listen to it at school:). It's from the movie, Fireproof. During the song on the radio, there is talking from the movie, so I couldn't concentrate fully on the words. I looked up the song, it spoke straight to my heart and I just wanted to document it here to have for one of those days when I just don't think I can go on. Without saying too much more, Trenton and I have yet again been going through unbearable pain that we never wanted to experience again. I hope we can be patient and continue to serve God, while we wait...There are so many things in our lives right now that are causing a mixture of feelings. I feel like God is laying so many things in place for our future and it's hard to be patient at times. I find myself nervous, excited, anxious, scared, etc. But mostly, I just need to remember to be grateful and thankful for God's love and plan.

8. While I’m Waiting
Psalm 5:3, 27:14, 33:20, 37:7, 38:15, 40:1, Isaiah 30:18, Lamentations 3:24
John Waller

"The explanation for this song is simple, I was waiting on God and I was hurting when I wrote the lyrics. I probably wouldn’t have written
a song if my friend, Mike, hadn’t encouraged me to document what I was going through during that time. I’m sure there are few people
who can’t relate to this song, but the important thing to remember while we’re waiting on God is to not just wait but to actively wait.
Serve, worship and be faithful with what you have, where you are… “even while (you) wait.”

I’m waiting
I’m waiting on You, Lord
And I am hopeful
I’m waiting on You, Lord
Though it is painful
But patiently, I will wait

I will move ahead, bold and confident
Taking every step in obedience

While I’m waiting
I will serve You
While I’m waiting
I will worship
While I’m waiting
I will not faint
I’ll be running the race
Even while I wait

I’m waiting
I’m waiting on You, Lord
And I am peaceful
I’m waiting on You, Lord
Though it’s not easy
But faithfully, I will wait
Yes, I will wait

I will serve You while I’m waiting
I will worship while I’m waiting
I will serve You while I’m waiting
I will worship while I’m waiting
I will serve You while I’m waiting
I will worship while I’m waiting on You, Lord

Monday, March 30, 2009

Tax Levy

This topic is very heavy on my heart. Recent comments by others have burdened me. I lay awake last night thinking this issue over and over. I just don't understand. I'm not usually a vocal person, but I think this issue deserves the extra attention.

Trenton & I obviously do not have children. Which is why we feel that it is extra important for us to be informed on the issues, such as school board members and the tax levy, because our vote affects the lives of other people's children. I feel that if I'm to vote on electing a person to a board to make choices for other people's children, I should have as much knowledge about that person as possible. We attended the school board forum last year and this year, in order to make informed decisions. We've read the material and plan on going to the forum for the tax levy as well. I don't feel that we are particularly biased on this issue because our jobs are not affected by this levy, nor will it likely influence OUR children's education, because they will possibly travel with me to school at Scotland. I, do, however feel very strongly about providing the best possible education for all students that do attend school at Schuyler.

Yes, the enrollment numbers are going down, so in THEORY the operating cost should go down as well. However, it costs just as much to run a bus to and from the school hauling 30 kids as it does one transporting 50 kids. It's costs the same to fill that bus up with fuel either way. Could the district cut the number of buses and routes, the simple answer: yes. The following information was found in an article researching the subject further (and yes I googled it):

"Research addressing the practice of school busing and its effects on children and families is quite limited. Even though approximately 60% of public school students in the United States ride buses to and from school, there is very little research examining the impact of this experience on students' health, family life, course choices, involvement in extracurricular activities, school performance, or academic achievement (Zars, 1998). Some investigators, however, have collected anecdotal data as a way to increase public awareness of the difficulties faced by many rural riders of school buses. Two researchers in West Virginia (Spence, 2000a, 2000b; Zars, 1998) gathered information from children and parents about how children and families were being affected by long bus rides. Several of the reports provided to these researchers suggested that children who experienced long bus rides tended to participate in fewer after school activities. Children with the longest rides also reported little time to do homework, especially when compared with children who walked or had short rides. Furthermore, children who experienced the longest rides over rural roads described the physical exhaustion that resulted from those rides (Spence, 2000a; Spence, 2000b; Zars, 1998). Focusing on consequences for family life, Fox provided a more recent study of the effects of bus rides on children. The study focused on the effects of long bus rides on children's home experiences, including the amount of sleep they got, the time they had for homework, the time they had for play, and the family activities in which they were involved. In the school district studied, Fox found that length of ride did have an impact on these features of children's lives and was a consideration when families made decisions about what activities to engage in. Fox reported that students with long bus rides chose to participate in fewer in-home and out-of-home activities."

I know this information is only a small piece to a much LARGER picture. But what if this was an area that had to be cut? What if instead of running 12 buses, the district decided to cut that down to 8 routes? What if a student who is already riding a 30 minute bus route now has to ride 50 minutes? Our county expands over many areas. Unlike other neighboring counties, we only have one school in our district. Scotland County hosts: SCR-1 and Gorin. Adair county hosts: Brashear, Novinger, and K-ville R-3 to cover their counties. What if this means a parent decides that since their child didn't get off the bus until 4:15, that after homework, supper, and family time, there isn't time left for activities such as Sonlight or Youth Group? Personally, for me, a longer bus route is not the answer.

Ok, so if we can't cut costs there, let's look at another area. What about less teachers and classes per grade? Cut some salaries and you could save lots of money. If there are going to be 42 kindergartners, instead of having 3 classes of 14, let's only have 2 classes of 21. Not unmanageable, but not ideal by any means. Any number of you can Google, go to the library, whatever, and research the effects of larger class sizes on student achievement and performance. I researched this in college, and I've seen the effects. I went to a three room school house until 6th grade where there were 2 people in my class. I know the kind of attention and education I received was far more individualized than when I was sitting in a classroom of 30. To me, one of the benefits of smaller schools and homeschooling, is the reduced class size leading to more one on one attention and education by the teacher. Every teacher is expected to perform what is called differentiated instruction. This is keying in and tuning into each student's individual needs, whether they are auditory learners, visual learners, tactile learners, etc and adapting each of your lessons to meet their needs. Seems to me this certainly would be more effective with 14 students vs. 21 students in a classroom. With less students, you have less disruptions, less distractions, and in general spend more time educating the students and less time doing crowd control. Differentiated instruction is also a main reason for technological tools, such as the remote controls, in our classrooms. These tools stimulate brain function in each chlid in more ways than reading out of a simple textbook ever could. About those textbooks, without proper funding, the school district will not be able to update and upgrade the textbooks the kids are learning out of. This can greatly affect student achievement. I personally know that the teachers at Schuyler are VERY resourceful in supplementing their textbooks, but I also know that teacher's personal funds are limited as well. I'll gladly give my extra $85.39 for taxes, because I can guarantee you 90% of all the teachers at that school are spending that plus some out of their own pockets for their classrooms each and every year without reimbursement!

I'm sure I could keep going on all the issues like this. Does it cost the same to heat and cool the school if there are 300 kids enrolled as it does if there are 250 kids enrolled? Yes. Are the costs of heating and cooling rising in today's economy? Yes. I don't know about all of you, but I feel like we've been trying to be as energy efficient as we can be at our house and our utility bills are still on the rise. I can only imagine what it's like for an entire school district. Could programs be cut? Yes. Would our children be as prepared for today's world without opportunities such as college prep classes, foreign language classes, etc. No. Part of the district's funding is based on the acheivement scores of the state testing. Will our kids achieve as high without the exposure to certain areas of academics? No. Will the school district eventually possibly just maybe get some funds from the federal/state government? Possibly, but I don't know bout you, but I don't particularly have a lot of faith in our leaders in Washington right now and am not sure I trust them to have the best interest for the children of Schuyler county at heart when they sit down in there little meetings to talk about the $$$ issues in our country right now. I'm going to put a little bit more faith in the board of people elected to worry directly about the kids of Schuyler county and the administration hired to decide what is best for the kids instead of the President or some other wonderful politician.

Besides this information, what weighs heaviest on my heart is the fact that regardless of how much you want to believe it isn't happening in our county, there are SEVERAL children who come to school, simply because their parents know they are going to get 2 meals a day, they are going to be protected and kept safe for 7 hours out of the day. If this wasn't the case, there wouldn't be a line as long as there is each month for the food pantry. We wouldn't have families seeking out places like the Clothes Nook. As a school employee, I know it is my job to keep the best interest at heart for each child's mental, emotional, physical, and intellectual security and growth. As a Christian, I believe that it is my duty to give to those less fortunate than me. You can sit there and say that if they can't afford the kids, then they shouldn't have them. That's great, but what about those kids that are already here? What's more important to me is trying to break that cycle. I want the kids at Schuyler to know that there is more out there than just staying in the county and doing what their parents did if that's what they want. I don't think any of you would squelch your own child's dreams and ambitions. So why are you willing to sacrifice the dreams of other children b/c you're not willing to pay a few extra dollars? I give offering every week because God calls us to give to our church. I don't question where that money goes or what it's being used for b/c I trust that the church board and leaders are using that money in whatever way they see the greatest need. However, it would be very easy to look at the back of the bulletin and think "$3000+ dollars???" What in the world could we possibly be using that on every week? It would be easy to say, well, why don't we cut Sonlight or why do we need the technology the church has, or why do we have to run a bus for the kids? If we cut expenses, then we wouldn't have such a high weekly need. But I don't believe that is the case. I believe our church is doing the best to meet all those needs, just as I believe the school district is doing the best to meet all the needs of the children that show up on their doorstep each and every day. I just believe they could do a lot MORE if we would all give just a little bit more.

Acts 20:35b — “[T]he Lord Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ ”

I'm sure Trenton & I could use our 85+ dollars somewhere within the next year. But I'm going to vote YES and hope that the school district gets to use my 85+ dollars to help change lives. Even if it's just one. It all starts somewhere. Be the change you want to see.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Busy Busy Bee.....

I love this time of year because once the weather gets nice, it seems like the weeks just fly by. At the same time, I hate it, because I feel like we can't catch a break. I'm blogging in between sessions of questions, scheduling, and general busyiness (is that how you spell that?) So far today, I've ordered pizzas for screening Saturday, re-written an IEP for a student that showed up to re-enroll this morning, tried to make my husband a hair appt, scheduled a dr. appt, and about a million other things. We had a wonderful weekend. We had planned to ride 4-wheelers with the Jones' on Friday, but it was too windy for Adi to be out, so Trenton & I went by ourselves. We stayed out about an hour...looking at property and scouting our turkey hunting spot! Then played cards at the Jones' until about 11. Tried to sleep in Saturday, but Trenton was too anxious to get back out on the four wheeler and go shed hunting(old horns off of deer). We found several sheds and I even found a matched set. I've never really been around 4-wheelers that much, so I really enjoyed getting to drive and just be outside. We both honestly just love being outdoors. We were out for about 4 hours and I got my first sunburn of the year. It's kinda nice to have a little color!

We had a wedding and reception Saturday night and got to see Holly, Logan & Myra. I love that kid! I'll attach the latest pics! Sunday we didn't make it to church unfortunately. Trenton had to help move some furniture and Austin got back from his spring break trip, so we went to Lisa's for lunch. I slept for a good hour. I think being out in the sun made me extra tired. We came home and I did a little cleaning and fixed supper while Trenton went to an emergency call. I think we were both more than ready for bed by the time 10:00 came.

Cutest girl in the WORLD!!! (I might be a little biased)

This week is crazy busy. I have a meeting after school tonight. Hopefully it won't be too long and I'll have time to sneak in a walk when I get home. Tomorrow is a busy day with 2 meetings and MAP training after school. Wednesday, is the school spelling bee, extended day tutoring, dr. appt, and Sonlight. Thursday, we have the all school Family Fun Night, so I won't be home until 9-10pm. Friday, is a meeting in Kirksville and Saturday is Pre-school/Kindergarten screening ALL DAY!!!! By Sunday....I think I'll be ready for a break! AND next week starts 3 weeks of MAP TESTING! I'm tired just thinking about that...but THANK GOODNESS, I have wonderful teachers and paras who know exactly what to do and are stepping up to the plate and making sure things are getting done!

Until next time...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I'm bummed I won't be at Bunco tonight :( I'll miss you girls! And SUPER bummed, that instead I'll be stuck inside at a food stand instead of able to enjoy this beautiful day :( Have fun girls!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Our new swimming pool

So here are a few pictures from the basement on Saturday night. This was about an hour and a half into pumping water out. You can see the water marks on the wall about how high it was. In the pictures of the stairs you can see that there is one step still covered and two above that were wet. We (and by we, I mean Trenton) got it completely water free last night. Swept out the miscellaneous straw and debris. Only to wake to about another foot of water this morning! Fantastico! Really super glad we (and again, I mean Trenton) didn't hook up the new water heater yesterday. Nelson's should have the parts to fix the furnace on Wednesday. Apparently the pump Trenton bought yesterday at Home Depot didn't kick in during the night. And to top that off, my office ceiling is leaking water on and around my desk! Tada! I'm thinking about taking swim lessons if this keeps up because I'm getting nervous about what water "situation" I might be in next!

Monday, March 9, 2009

The wrong life

I was talking to Amee on the phone this morning and told her, sometimes, I wonder if I'm actually living someone else's life and somewhere out there is the life I envisioned for Trenton & I. But then, I wouldn't wish the problems we have to deal with on anyone else. And I know in reality, they aren't worse than anyone else's problems.

We worked the cattle show in Kirksville all weekend. Went to see The Watchmen on Saturday......TERRIBLE. Came home. Went to bed. Got up at 5am (4am if you count the time change). Stayed at the wet & muddy show all day. Came home. Noticed it was only 59 degrees in our house with the heat set on 67. Should have got a clue. Didn't. Decided at 7:45 we were hungry. Decide to order taco pizza b/c I was being lazy. Trenton goes to order pizza. Decides to go downstairs first and see about furnace. Opens basement door. Yells "****". Run to doorway. Discover 3 feet of water in basement. Debate...laugh or cry...laugh or cry. Do neither, too much wasted energy. Call James & Amee. Never happened to them. Decide with husband, if it wasn't for bad luck, we'd have no luck. Suddenly realize, water heater and furnace probably shot. Quickly realize, savings down the drain, unlike 3 feet of water in basement. Call Butch, no pump. Call Chuck, no pump. Call insurance man. No answer. Call Phil Beeler, man with all answers and gadgets. Wait. Knock at door. Phil with pump. Yippee! Suddenly remember why I love small towns. Knock at door. James Jones with space heater. Thanks! Here noise in basement instructing to turn the dryer on. Realize James Jones is a monkey or gymnast, not sure which and has climbed through water, without touching water, to check break box. Turn space heater on. Sit on couch under blanket and do nothing but watch TV, b/c girl help is not needed to watch water get sucked out of basement. Leave hostile messages on facebook about situation. Make plans to shower at the Jones' in the a.m. Wait until 11:30. 1 1/2 feet water still in basement, realize tomorrow is Monday. Thank father-in-law for ALL his help and patience with stupid daughter-in-law. Insist that we won't freeze to death. Wait for husband. Go to bed. Close eyes, open eyes. Not a dream. Darn. Go to sleep.

Sounds like fun huh? I'll post pictures later. So my husband, bless his heart, stayed home from work today to take care of things b/c I #1) have no sick days left after Mom's surgery last week and #2) don't know anything about water heaters or furnace blowers or sump pumps, etc. He bought a pump and water heater at Home Depot today. Talked to the insurance man, and it really isn't going to help unless it was a leak or water break of some sort. Nelson's is supposed to come look at the furnace today to see if it's salvageable. We truly are blessed though, because not only do we have amazing friends and family willing to help us out, whether it be letting us shower at their house, offering heaters and beds, or just standing in the 3 feet of water commiserating with us, but because it could have been a lot worse. 2 weeks ago we had a brand new washer and dryer of Chuck's down there that would have been ruined. 1 week ago we had 8 puppies living down there that probably would have drowned. And worse case scenario, the furnace and water heater could have exploded or shorted out causing a fire, which would obviously have been devastating. So we are trying to look at everything from a glass half full perspective.

Several of you have asked about my mom. My posting was limited at best last week. I missed work Monday and Tuesday. Mom called me on Monday morning as I was walking out the door for work and asked if I could take her to the ER in Columbia. She had just been at the hospital Wednesday-Saturday, but wasn't feeling any better. Upon arrival they admitted her and decided to do surgery on Tuesday morning. Trenton had stayed home from work Monday b/c he was running a fever. We stayed in Columbia Monday night. They did the surgery on Tuesday morning and I came home that night. She was released on Friday. She's doing great. They removed another 3 inch section of her intestine. The problem being that when she had the surgery last May and they removed the 18 inch section, the two pieces they reconnected had grown shut. Basically disconnecting her upper bowel from her lower bowel and obstructing with anything she would eat. This has caused her pain over the last few months, but no one was able to figure out the cause. She is recovering great and feeling ALOT better! I returned to work on Wednesday to a very overwhelming amount of work and was running a fever and sick. However, I burnt the last 1/2 of a sick day I had on Monday and couldn't afford the pay cut to stay home. Bummer. Hope I stay healthy the rest of the year!

That's all for now. Promise to bring good news soon!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

House Fire


Lancaster Christian Church is collecting financial donations for the Joe & Kim Schmidt family who lost everything in a home fire in Lancaster Wednesday evening, March 4th. The family includes three sons, ages 16, 14 and 9. The family had no insurance. Donations can be sent to Lancaster Christian Church c/o Schmidt Family P.O. Box 145 Lancaster, MO 63548 or drop off at the Exchange Bank in Lancaster. Call (660) 457-3598 if you have questions.

Kim (Mom) Joe (Dad)

Size small or 5, 7 XL

Cody (age 16) Colby (age 14)

Size 18-20 or Size 18-20 or

mens small Mens small

shoes: 10 ½

Clay (age 8 )

Size 8-10

shoe: 3-4

I'm here

I'm here, I'm swamped, I'm sick...that's all folks

Maybe more later...

Thursday, February 26, 2009

1000 Word Thursday- Smile for the Day

I'm going to try to do a smile of the day story. Today's just also happens to be tied into my 1000 Word Thursday picture.

How could you not love this face? These aren't my pictures, but I didn't have any good ones today and wanted to link to this slideshow anyway. Hope you smile at at least one of the pictures! Happy Thursday!

For more 1000 Word Thursday pictures....check it out HERE~