Friday, July 3, 2009

Prayer Request Please

I do not know this family or this girl, but I read about her story on another blog I follow regularly and felt the need to seek out your help. I know the power of prayer is strong and I really feel like this little girl can use all the prayers we can possibly send up for her right now. Her name is Kate. On Monday, her mom took her to the doctor for hand tremors she was having. They are now facing a very aggressive and malignant brain tumor the size of an egg that is wrapped around the blood vessels that feed the motor part of your brain. She is having surgery today to remove part of the tumor and to find out what treatment options are best. Please, please, please pray for this beautiful child and her family. I know we're strangers to them, but we are not to God.

Please visit their site at:


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me too

Amy said...

I saw this too. . .doesn't it just break your heart! What I do know is that where one or more are gathered in prayer. . .HE is there!

Anyway. . . totally off the subject. . .do you feel like your beagle, beagle mixes are good family dogs? I just think they are sooooo cute!

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