Monday, April 20, 2009

Opening Morning and 3-D

This morning is opening morning of the Spring Turkey Season. Trenton was up and at 'em at 5:00 am. At about 6:30, he called to report that the world was short another turkey. He was so excited b/c it's the first tom he's ever called him by himself. I had to take pictures to share! I don't know much about "turkey posing" so I did the best I could. Way to go, baby! He'll hopefully get a chance to go back out next week and try again!

I enjoyed a very lazy weekend. I slept in Saturday b/c Trenton had to go down to work. Got up and got ready to go help at with Campus Bowl districts in Memphis. Then we went out to a dinner and movie with the Jones. We ate at Pagliai's in K-ville and then went to the ultimate 3-D experience...or that's what was advertised. We went to a very grown up and sophisticated movie...Monsters vs. Aliens. LOL. Trenton & I probably watch more cartoon movies than we do anything else. My husband is about to pee his pants with excitement for the release of Ice Age III in 3-D in July. He's been looking forward to it for a year now! I snapped some pics of all of us sporting our snazzy 3-D glasses.

Yesterday, I got up early to get ready to teach Sunday school. We stayed for the 2nd service. Afterwards, we came home, ate some leftovers, and I proceeded to be lazy the rest of the day. I used to read like 3 books a week. I love Nora Roberts. But somehow over the last couple years, I've just stopped reading. Thursday, I had to get some groceries at Hy-vee and saw the latest Nora book, Tribute. So I spent my $7.99 and threw it in the cart. Normally, I wouldn't spend that much money on a book, but I just wanted to READ! And that I did, I read on Saturday morning and all afternoon yesterday instead of doing laundry OR finishing my painting, but dangit, I love a good book! I can't wait to finish it tonight, after the new workout class that is~


Corin said...

We're big cartoon movie fans too. Sounds like a very fun and relaxing weekend. See ya Tue.

Andrea Frederick said...

Colby would like a good look at that turkey and would also like to know EXACTLY where Trenton shot it....he was quizzing me all the way home. Funny boy!

Erin said...

I'd let him look at it up close, but Trenton already dressed it out and threw it in the freezer. He shot it up on some of Butch's property...that's all the details I have. He'll have to quiz Trenton sometime :)