Thursday, February 26, 2009

1000 Word Thursday- Smile for the Day

I'm going to try to do a smile of the day story. Today's just also happens to be tied into my 1000 Word Thursday picture.

How could you not love this face? These aren't my pictures, but I didn't have any good ones today and wanted to link to this slideshow anyway. Hope you smile at at least one of the pictures! Happy Thursday!

For more 1000 Word Thursday pictures....check it out HERE~

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Can't help but SMILE!

If you need a reason to smile..or cry...or laugh...or whatever... go HERE

Love these!


If you haven't been outside are missing out! It's gorgeous...spring fever has hit so bad! We were going to be real classy tonight and having Hamburger or Chicken Helper, but it's too beautiful not to break out the BBQ grill. Not sure what will be on it yet...maybe just grilled chicken breasts, but something! I realized today when I was driving back from Headstart speech, that I'm really annoyed by the fact that the Christmas decorations are still on the courthouse lawn in Memphis. I mean, we're talking, the Nutcracker soldiers are still in front of the door. Ridiculous! But then........ I realized MY lighted Christmas garland and big red bows are still hanging on my front porch. And my tree is still laying in my yard. AND that's ridiculous! I keep hinting to my husband to put the tree in the back of the truck, but apparently that hasn't worked so far! Oh well...

I've been fighting a stupid sinus headache for 2 days now. I think if this weather would just stay warm, we could all get and stay healthy.

I've been reading Kelly's Korner and her amazing story about her beautiful miracle daughter, Harper. It really is a true story of God's amazing grace. Read more about it here.

This week has been a much better week for me. I don't know what it was, but at that retreat GOD just kept screaming to me "You don't have to understand the plan I have for you, you just have to KNOW that I have one". I'm not saying that I don't still have questions, but I feel comforted in knowing that God is always with me. Beth's video really helped me see that all I can do is accept God's love for me and KNOW that he wants what's best for me.

We had a fantastic time at Bree's party and an even better time keeping Miss Emma. I'm sure she probably thought we were boring, but it was fun for us. Next time, we'll have to make it a whole day so we can do some fun stuff, instead of just sleeping or attempting to sleep! First, our air mattress popped, so we truly had to camp out in sleeping bags in the living room. Then the poor girl had to listen to Trenton snoring. Finally, Emma & I retreated to our big bed and left Trenton on the couch! So much for roughing it! Poor girl~! Trenton is still getting up to work out every morning! I'm so proud of him! I know it makes for a long day when you start at 4:45 am!

I can't really think of anything else to write...I've got gardening, lilacs, and green grass on the brain! Who cares about anything else!

Friday, February 20, 2009


Do you know what I hate??? Leg cramps. I got a leg cramp, randomly in the night on Wednesday. I usually don't get them......but man do they hurt. My leg still hurts today. It made me cry. What was God thinking when he invented those? Seriously, not necessary.

On another note:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BREE!!!! Hope you have a great day!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Plain and simple

Wow...a whole week without a post? That's impossible. Honestly, I've been in a blogging slump...or maybe a life slump, I'm not sure which, but things are getting better.

Nothing exciting to report. We had a great Valentine's day. I had a meeting Friday & Trenton ended up having to work, but we spent all day Saturday bumming around. I fixed a nice dinner, complete with candles. We didn't do anything fancy, we just talked, relaxed, and enjoyed the time. Sometimes, you just need to do that.

My amazing. In the last week, I have been lower than I really ever remember being before. I've been very pessimistic, depressed, and a really Debbie Downer. I am very frustrated with our struggles with infertility. I'm at a point, where I just don't understand. I feel like we have done something wrong. I don't like to go places where I know people are going to ask "if we're trying again", I don't like to go places where I know we're going to be the only ones without children or expecting, I am just really struggling with going any place. I go to work and I like to just come home. Maybe it truly is depression, I don't know. The only place that gives me any comfort is Sonlight and most Sundays, church. Which is strange because God is the only one who has the answers to the questions I have and am not getting. I've heard all the pep talks in the world about waiting for "our turn". I know it's meant with good intentions, but it hurts all the same when you feel like it should have already been your turn. I feel like the person who is living in my body now is a stranger. I've never been pessimistic or negative before, but I don't know how to get back. But thanks to the strength of my husband and his love, I'm ok. He holds me when I cry, he calls me to check on me throughout the day, he reassures me we can make it and will be ok. He's the half full cup to my half empty one these days. He loves me when I'm unlovable. I never thought I would find someone who would unconditionally love me. His heart is bigger than imaginable and he's picked me up more times than there are snowflakes in winter. He's this impossible source of strength that continues to give me hope for a new tomorrow. I love him. Plain and simple. Please pray for us.

On that note, spring is almost here and our schedules seem to be filling up fast. I had BUNCO last night (great fun, food, and friend, even if I didn't win!).I have Sonlight tonight, Emma is coming to see our puppies (finally!) and I have a meeting in Kirksville on Thursday. Friday is the women's retreat overnight at the church. Saturday, I'll be at the church until noon, a Pampered Chef party at 1 and Vance's party that night. Emma is going to stay the night with us afterward and I'm not sure who is more or Trenton! Sunday morning is church, dinner at Trenton's grandparents, then an afternoon at my parents to see Holly, Logan, and Myra Jean. And whaddya know.......It'll be Monday all over again! I'm exhausted already!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Big Girls Don't Cry

Well...that's a lie. That's all I've done lately. I'm a train wreck waiting to happen...But the sun is shining. It's Tuesday, which means only 2 more days of school this week for me and it's a 3 day weekend with V-day smack in the middle.

I've been a little emotionally overcharged (little is probably an understatement if you ask my husband). But, I've had a lot going on and I think I just reached maximum overload. I so wish the weather would stay nice like this. At least getting outside distracts me from everything else...

Little Bear doesn't seem to be getting any better. Trenton mentioned having to have him put down this morning, which obviously sent me over the edge. I mean seriously...3 dogs in 3 much more can a girl take? Plus, the other puppies are getting homes this weekend...

On top of that, today would have been my dad's 70th birthday! Usually the day just passes each year. I miss him everyday, so his birthday isn't that much different...but today just hit me really hard. I do miss him terribly and am just having a hard time not being sad today. Some days are just like that.It's hard to believe it's been 12 years. Happy Birthday Dad!

On a happier note...Trenton has a four day weekend. We don't have big plans for V-day. Our tradition is that I always fix him a nice supper. This year's menu is either rib eyes or prime rib, stuffed mushrooms, salad, twice baked potatoes, and some kind of dessert...have made it that far yet. Possibly, homemade rolls too. I'm still brainstorming dessert ideas. He loves red velvet maybe?!?!

Still trying to fight with the dentist office from when I had my wisdom teeth out. Somehow, I have a feeling they are going to keep trying to get more money out of me, when in reality they owe me money right now. Apparently, they are saying that my insurance "overpaid" and what not.....I tell you...sometimes I wonder what the point of insurance is at all. My health insurance actually ended up paying for my surgery b/c my dental insurance wouldn't even though it was in network....And I'm sitting here wondering why I feel like I'm going crazy! :)


Thursday, February 5, 2009

1000 Word Thursday

This our puppy, Little Bear, with special needs after his bath the other night. He has seizures and can't walk very well. At first we were completely overwhelmed with what to do with him, but now, we can't imagine not having him at our house. I'm not sure we'll be able to keep him forever, but he's got spunk. And Trenton loves the little guy more than he'll admit I'm sure! I think he was God's way of showing us we can make things work even when we are overwhelmed at first and to show us how to put someone else's needs first! We didn't love getting up every 2 hours to feed him at first, but now, it's just part of the routine!

Mom's Chicken Enchiladas

We love these! This is my mom's recipe, with a few minor changes. All of us kids LOVE them. When we're all home, she has to make like four 9x13 pans of them! They disappear quickly, such was the case last night. I put chicken in the crockpot for Corin's salsa chicken, but just didn't have a taste for it last night. I've been craving Mexican, like every night lately (I think it's because all the good restaurants have closed down :() Anyway, I decided last minute to whip these up before Sonlight.

Mom's Chicken Enchiladas

2Tbsp Butter
2Tbsp Flour
Salt, pepper, red pepper, and paprika to taste
2/3 cup milk
2 TBSP Salsa
1/2 cup shredded cheddar
1 cup cooked chicken, cubed or shredded
4 flour tortillas
Additional salsa and cheese

I always double this recipe for Trenton & I.

Melt butter in sauce pan over medium heat. Add flour to make a thick paste. Stir in salt, pepper, red pepper, and paprika to taste. I add alot of paprika and usually use chili powder instead of red pepper. That's because I'm a sissy and can't take a lot of red pepper. If Trenton were to make these, he'd throw in some green chiles at this point. Stir in milk. Stir until sauce thickens. I'm the world's worst gravy maker, probably because I'm so impatient, so I never do this part right. I just keep adding milk and flour until I have a pan full of thick sauce. Stir in salsa. I add more than 2 TBSP, because I like the flavor the salsa gives it! I probably use about a 1/4 of a cup. Stir in the 1/2 cup shredded cheddar. Stir until it all melts together. Add cooked chicken. If you plan ahead, or like me change your mind about what your chicken is going to be for supper, then you could put the chicken in the crockpot during the day and just make your husband shred it for you while you're cooking the sauce! I put three chicken breasts, a pack of taco seasoning, and about 1 cup of salsa in the crockpot on low all day. It was perfect. This was enough for a double batch of enchiladas with a little left over. Stir the chicken into the sauce. Spoon down the center of each enchilada, roll up and place seam side down in a baking pan. Once all the enchiladas are in the pan, cover it with Saran Wrap, and put it in the microwave for 3-4 minutes. Remove wrap and spread top of enchiladas with additional salsa. Microwave for one minute. Then sprinkle with additional cheese. Microwave until cheese melts. Enjoy!

I add sour cream and extra salsa to mine. Trenton thought black olives would be a good topper. The point of this is, it's quick and easy and goes in the microwave. All in all, if your chicken is cooked, it's about 20-25 from start to table. Once you've made it once, you'll realize just how simple it is. If there are leftovers, they're even better reheated!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I meant to post this yesterday, but forgot!

ONLY.......13 days until BUNCO!!!!! Yea!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

25 things...

So everyone has been doing this on Facebook. I check facebook, but don't write on it that I thought I'd do mine on here. Bear with me...these may be a little out there. And yes, I'm going to tag if you did it on Facebook, you can just copy it to here if you want.

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you.

1. I truly believe that my husband is my soulmate. The paths that we were on before we started dating intertwined so many times in so many ways, that I believe it was God's way of leading us to each other. I love him in ways I never thought I could love someone. Making him happy and letting him know how much he is loved is what I wake up thinking about each day.

2. I hate socks. I cannot stand to have socks on. I take them off first thing and I can't stand if Trenton has his socks on and puts his feet on me. They absolutely repulse me.

3. I have a double Bachelor's degree in Special Education K-12 and one in Elementary Ed. 1-6 and my Master's in Reading, but I thought about being an accountant and almost didn't go into education at all.

4. On that note, I'm obsessed with numbers. I randomly add numbers when I see them and try to figure out different patterns. I can memorize phone numbers, birthdays, etc easily. I love to balance my checkbook to the penny and LOVED keeping the books at the feed store and balancing them. However, for the life of me, I cannot remember my husband's social security number. I do however remember the exact date of our first kiss, when he told me he loved me, etc.

5. I miss my dad every day of my life. I wish my husband could have met him and that he would have been there to see my wedding and watch my future babies be born. I don't think I will ever stop grieving for him. Even though I was only 13, I hate that Kayla was only 5 when he died and doesn't have as many memories as I do.

6. I worry everyday that I'm not good at my job. I have panic attacks that I'm going to forget to do something or disappoint someone.

7. I love brussel sprouts. I eat them with vinegar and would eat them every day if possible. I hate olives and will never try them again.

8. My middle name is Jenice. So is my mom's, except my grandma misspelled it and it's Janice.

9. My dad was 19 1/2 years older than my mom. This is how my mom is 50 and my two half brothers are almost 52 and 50. I have 6 siblings and their ages range from 17-51. I love that about my family. I have 4 nieces, 2 nephews, and 2 great nephews with one more on the way. 4 out of 6 nieces and nephews are older than me.

10. Trenton & I's grandparents are buried in the Lancaster cemetary right beside each other, which I think is very odd. I did not know this when we got together until my grandma's funeral.

11. As much as I miss my dad, I thank God everyday for bringing David, my step-dad into our lives. He is a great man.

12. I went to a 3 room school house until 6th grade. I loved it and would send my kids to one if they were still around.

13. I think about our baby every hour of every day. I want to be a mom so badly and spend a lot of sleepless nights thinking about it. I know it will happen in God's time, but sometimes, I fear it never will. I will never get over losing our child.I think my husband is absolutely the greatest man in the world and cannot imagine not being able to make him a father. We have been trying since the month we got married...15 months is a long time when you're waiting for something so much.

14. I am an inconsistent cleaner. Some weeks, every dish will be washed, every stitch of clothing put away and the house will be clutter free. Other weeks though (like this week) it's a disaster.

15. I'm addicted to candles and wallflowers. This drives my husband crazy. I burn candles consistently.

16. In college, I worked as a dispatcher for the police station and loved it. I usually worked from 4pm-midnight or 8pm-4am. I think this is the reason I can hold it so long when waiting to go to the bathroom and also why I have trouble sleeping at night.

17. I played the clarinet and bari saxophone in highschool. I was in concert band and jazz band. I miss having a small shread of musical talent.

18. I do not like to choose where we eat when we go out. This also causes me to have nervousness b/c Trenton wants a decision, like NOW! I'm fine with wherever, as long as I don't have to pick. I've tried to explain this to my husband, but he insists on me choosing and it bothers me alot. In general, I'm pretty indecisive.

19. I used to show pigs in 4-H and FFA. I've slept in the show barn, been trampled by a pig (it basically climbed my body to jump over the fence...OUCH!), and taken my pigs for walks to build muscle. I do not miss this, but I do miss hanging out with other kids in 4-H and FFA.

20. Trenton & I's first date was in the rain at a Schuyler vs. Knox County football game. After the game, we went mudding in his truck. I have never had so much fun in my life and knew that night we would be together forever.

21. I love to go hunting with Trenton, but am not sure I will ever actually shoot anything. I get all excited when he does, and love the thrill of the hunt.But, I am very tender hearted. I say a prayer for every animal we kill. I have even cried before after killing a spider because after I squished it b/c I felt guilty because it wasn't really doing anything wrong.

22. One of my best friends from high school was killed in a car wreck my freshman year of college. We went to prom together both junior and senior year. We weren't speaking at the time he died and I regret it every day of my life. I think about him a lot and wonder what the future would have held for us if he was still here. I think we'd still be close and I feel like it left a hole in my heart. I think I avoided relationships for a long time b/c of this.

23. I hate to be cold. It makes me grouchy and irritable. I am cold ALL the time, but try not to be grouchy. This makes hunting in the cold particularly difficult for my husband, because as much as I love it, I whine a lot about freezing to death. This is partially due to my thyroid not doing what it should. Right now, I have a space heater pointed directly at my feet to keep my legs warm.

24. I love basketball. I played until my sophomore year in HS when we moved to Kirksville. I love to watch HS and college basketball, but can't stand the NBA.

25. I want to have like 6 kids. I know this may not happen b/c I'm 25 going on 26 and don't want to have kids until I'm 40. This makes me sad.

OK..I'm tagging Bree, Andrea, Corin, Jenn, Jamie, Cindy, Amee, and whoever else wants to do this!

Easy, Peasy, Egg, Ham, & Cheesy!

Here is a quick breakfast idea that I don't know why I didn't think to share sooner. We had these for breakfast this morning and I snapped some pics! I like these because they're so much more filling and have more substance that you're typical pop-tart or bowl of cereal. They pack a punch of protein, but are quick and simple. Pop them in the oven while you're getting in the shower, getting the kids dressed, or in my case, feeding the dogs! And.....cleanup is a breeze! I haven't tried these in my silicone muffin cups yet...but need to. I've even put them on a napkin and taken them in the car.

Egg Cups

*Ham, bacon, Canadian bacon, many pieces as you like
*Eggs, 1 for each cup you fix
*Cheese, can be shredded or slices

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Spray your muffin tin with cooking spray. Lay your ham, bacon, whatever in the bottom and let it come up the sides.

Sprinkle in cheese or lay in your cheese slices.

Crack an egg in each cup.

Sprinkle with a little more cheese and a dash of salt and pepper.

Place in oven for 25-30 minutes. Remove from oven and pop out. Enjoy!

Told you it was easy! We used a pre-cooked canadian bacon roll this morning so my little slices didn't come up the sides. On Trenton's I used shredded pepperjack and sharp cheddar on mine. Anything will me. If you like egg mcmuffins, but don't have time for all that...this is a pretty quick substitute!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Grace Like Rain

So today is one of THOSE days! Instead of being frustrated with the busy week, cruddy weigh-in (despite not touching a single goody at the Super Bowl party) and a mound of paperwork...I am going to focus on a few good things on this Manic Monday...

#1) My husband- he's extrememly patient, caring, and hard working. He's my best friend and my rock when times are tough.

#2) My God. He always listens, cares, loves, and always always always wants what is best for me.

#3) Great friends. We are truly blessed to have such good friends that would help out at a moment's notice if asked.

#4) Good jobs. In the tough economic times, we're lucky to both have stable and dependable income.

#5) Not sure why it's so far on the list, but FAMILY. We are lucky to live so close to all our family and have them involved in our life.

#6) We have a nice house, plenty of food in the pantry/freezer, and warm beds at night.

#7) A strong marriage. I feel that Trenton & I have a bond together that is rare. We truly find joy in moments spent together and can work through almost anything.

#8) Microwaves & Crockpots- without them, I'd never get supper cooked and on the table.

#9) Makeup- without it, I'd scare the kids at school

#10) Our church. We've found a home away from home at church and I'm excited about slowly becoming more and more involved all the time.