Saturday, June 27, 2009

Where to start??

I'm not in love with the fact that it feels like summer is flying by. Seriously, 4th of July next week...that means the rest of summer will fly by and it will be back to school time soon :(

I've been going in a few days a week and working in my office. I wasn't very productive while summer school was going on because there were always people in and out of my office, but now that there are less people there, I can get quite a bit done. Trenton & I now have internet at home for his new job, but hopefully, I'll be able to work some from home as well.

I'm currently sitting on the couch listening to my husband talk to the ATT IT guy on speakerphone and cracking up. Trenton is usually a pretty patient person (seriously, he DID marry me!) but I have a feeling this guy is getting on his last nerve. Poor guy!

This heat has seriously been limiting our activities. Trenton was gone to training Monday night through Wednesday night. I stayed out at my parents on Tuesday b/c I'm a big scaredy cat and didn't want to stay home during the storm. Wednesday night we had a date night and went to see Transformers 2. Trenton has been counting down the days sine last summer. He's also super excited for Ice Age 3! Thursday night we went to watch Colby and Emma's ballgames...boy was it hot! I feel for those kids out there in their uniforms! Thankfully, the storm blew in a cooled things off a bit, but went around us and skipped the rain! Last night, we went to Bloomfield so I could show the church ladies group how to play Bunco. It was a hoot. Trenton & I stopped at Pizza Hut for a quick bite, got some chocolate dessert sticks to go and headed out to James & Amee's for cards. AND........Amee and I actually won for a change. The boys decided we needed to play 4 point pitch...which is an annoying game to me and I'm not even sure how to play it, but we ended up winning that too! Bout time!

Tonight, Trenton and I are going to take Kayla to dinner and go see The Proposal. Mom had to take Nana back to Columbia today b/c she fell last night at the nursing home. It's been so hard having her in the nursing home. It's stupid, but I have an extreme phobia of nursing homes, so I haven't been able to go visit her. It's hard to see her so frail. I'm really sad that she had another stroke b/c she had made so much progress in getting her independence back after the first one. Hopefully though, she'll progress quickly and be back home in no time!

Other than that, nothing exciting on the home front here. Trying to clean and get the house organized. My main summer goal is to de-clutter our house. I know some of you thought Fly Lady was annoying, but I'm giving it another shot just to try to help with the process a little. Wish me luck!


Diane Melvin said...

I LOVE FLYLADY!!! Send you my e-mail address so I can send you my stuff.

Erin said...

Diane- It's or my school one is

Miss Jenn said...

good luck de-cluttering. i thought about giving fly lady a try, too.

saw your Nana when I was at the NH on Thursday--she looked good then...talked to Natalee and was in good spirits. NH can be scary but the people in them so appreciate the company. i was TERRIFIED of them until mom started working there and now when i'm there i just keep telling myself "that's someone's mom/dad...etc." sounds silly but it helps!

Amy said...

I LOVE the picture on your header! It is soooo totally representative of love! Thanks for stopping by the blog and becoming a follower!

Be Blessed,