Friday, May 1, 2009


So I wanted to share a post with you of the beautiful lilacs that my husband picked for me yesterday. And I wanted to share a picture with you of my adorable niece in her shades because I'm missing her like crazy. And I was going to tell you about my version of therapy, baking, and how it resulted in an overabudance of cookie dough at my house when I simply wanted to bake a few to relieve some stress and share with a hard-working, dedicated co-worker.......BUT....blogger is making me mad, it won't let me add pictures at the moment, my eye is twitching, and I need a nap after a week like instead... I'm just going to say have a great weekend. Enjoy the sunshine if there is any and by all means, pray. Pray that these next few weeks will NOT be like this week has been. Otherwise, please forward all emails, mail, and phone calls to my therapist (I'll have to get one of those) because there isn't enough cookie dough in the world for me to bake to help me survive another week like this!

PS- 4 (yes, only 4) days until BUNCO! And I'm not a loser this month, so I'm actually going to be able to go. And seriously, guys, who's bringing the margaritas?


Bree Shaw said...

i am with you on the margaritas:) bring em!
hope you have a great weekend!

Miss Jenn said...

Thanks again for the cookies...they relieved some pre, during & post stress on my end during one particularly rough DIBELS session with one particularly rough student! Blogger was bucking some of my pictures this week, too, so don't feel bad. Hope you got out of work at my version of a decent time!

Corin said...

My week last week was the same way. I hope we both have better weeks this week. I already have a computer problem at work this week but it's stangely liberating because I can't do anything but wait for it to be fixed. See you tomorrow.