Friday, April 24, 2009

And we're off :)

After a fun filled day at the roller rink with our special education students, I'm exhausted, but extremely excited at the same time. We took the kids skating this morning for their great behavior, attitude, and effort on the MAP testing. Then we came back to the school for pizza & a movie.'s Friday and Trenton & I are heading out of town to head to Kansas City for a sorority sister's wedding. Not only am I ecstatic to see her after 4 years.....but I'm so ready for a weekend away. We'll be meeting old friend in St. Joe from college on Sunday. I'm probably going to spend tonight soaking in the hot tub after attempting to skate today for the first time in SEVERAL years. Good news is: the insurance detuctibles are met for the year....Great news is: we didn't need them! I didn't even fall once! :) But I probably won't be able to move tomorrow :)

Have a great weekend! Enjoy the sunshine!


Bree Shaw said...

have a safe trip. hope you aren't too sore:)

Corin said...

Have a good weekend.