Thursday, October 8, 2009

I need your help Ladies- Decorating Question

Ok...I've been looking at different bedroom sets for several months now. I can't make up my mind on a color scheme. Now that I know we're going to be allowed to paint at the new house, I'm trying to decide. Here are my top color schemes: Chocolate/aqua or chocolate/green...or any other suggestions???

Here are the bedroom sets I've found at JCPenney's that I like....BUT I CANNOT pick a favorite. Trenton doesn't like any of them in particular b/c he would prefer our bedroom be decorated like a tomb with like hunter green, navy, black, or something along those lines...not happening. Please give me your opinions. I can only attach some of the pictures...check out the links for the others.

#1) Tranquil Flowers: Blue, Green or Cream

#2) Tobiana: Blue or Green

#3) Sakura:Blue

#4) Laila:Green

or #5) Regatta from Ebay in blue or green


Corin said...

My favorite is the 1st picture on your blog. In second is the second link can't remember what it's called. I know it's boring but I like the idea of painting the walls tan when darker accents and then using your bedding and accessories for color pop. Like in the pictures. I'm a whimp when it comes to painting though. I haven't the courage to paint in bold colors. I'm always afraid they'll be overhelming. Not to mention bold colors make rooms look smaller.

BluRayn said...

I love, love, LOVE the first pic!! It's gorgeous! However, I'm in serious like over Laila as well! That one would totally do it for me but I'm not crazy about the 'quilted' top look on some of it, I just know that wouldn't hold up well in my house! As for painting...LOVE color!! We've got bold colors all throughout the house and I can't imagine having white walls again. But it looks like we'll be moving soon as well so I hopefully get a whole new empty canvas to paint!

Diane Melvin said...

I like the Tobinna (sp) in green. I think it is beautiful.

Jamie said...

I really like the Sakura: Blue and the Regatta from Ebay in blue. Those are my top two picks! I really like them all but those two are my favorites!

Bree Shaw said...

regatta in green! i love it. and an added plus is it is kind of camo colors and that might make trenton happier:)