Monday, February 2, 2009

Grace Like Rain

So today is one of THOSE days! Instead of being frustrated with the busy week, cruddy weigh-in (despite not touching a single goody at the Super Bowl party) and a mound of paperwork...I am going to focus on a few good things on this Manic Monday...

#1) My husband- he's extrememly patient, caring, and hard working. He's my best friend and my rock when times are tough.

#2) My God. He always listens, cares, loves, and always always always wants what is best for me.

#3) Great friends. We are truly blessed to have such good friends that would help out at a moment's notice if asked.

#4) Good jobs. In the tough economic times, we're lucky to both have stable and dependable income.

#5) Not sure why it's so far on the list, but FAMILY. We are lucky to live so close to all our family and have them involved in our life.

#6) We have a nice house, plenty of food in the pantry/freezer, and warm beds at night.

#7) A strong marriage. I feel that Trenton & I have a bond together that is rare. We truly find joy in moments spent together and can work through almost anything.

#8) Microwaves & Crockpots- without them, I'd never get supper cooked and on the table.

#9) Makeup- without it, I'd scare the kids at school

#10) Our church. We've found a home away from home at church and I'm excited about slowly becoming more and more involved all the time.


BluRayn said...

I love your positive outlook!! It is so easy to dwell on the negative, especially bombarded with it like we are nowadays everywhere we go. So these pockets-of-sunshine posts are wonderful to read!! (Also doesn't mean that we're ALWAYS sunny/positive, but that it's a choice how we look at things) Thank you, your post brightened my day!! :)

Miss Jenn said...

Way to be positive, and have I told you thank you for taking on so much of my job while I was enjoying my baby & my maternity leave? I never once questioned whether things were getting done and never once was bothered while I was snuggling my little one. You are a blessing to me...someday I will return the favor to you! Love you!

Amee Jones said...

I am also blessed with great friends. You are numero uno!

Corin said...

I wish I'd read this before making my whinny post about my day. Thanks for the lesson.