Monday, January 5, 2009

New hope

My hubby and I ringing in the New Year! Yes, we look fantastic and No, I don't care! We spent the evening at Colby and Susan's playing poker and enjoying the company of friends. It was a great evening with lots of laughter and Trenton even won $25 cause he got 1st.

Break went too fast. I learned this morning, that apparently I did not become a morning person just b/c 2009 arrived. I feel like now all I can do is count down until summer break. And I love my job, I can't imagine what it would be like if I didn't. We had a great time spending time with both sides of the family the past few weeks and the holidays went relatively well. I enjoyed not one, but two days of baking with Amee and had more goodies than we were able to eat. We went to Bogie's last Saturday and had the best steak I've ever eaten...well partially eaten. We'd never been there before and I didn't know about the steak "sizes" and ordered the largest one on the menu...needless to say, Trenton ate the majority of it, with enough for a steak sandwich to take home! We will definitely be returning there again! I had my wisdom teeth taken out on the 29th with relatively no trouble. I'm not saying I'd do it again tomorrow. But it wasn't as bad as I expected. Still a little tender, but I didn't take any of the pain medicine they prescribed the whole time. Haven't decided if that makes me really strong or really stupid!

Trenton and I are looking very forward to a new year. I feel it will be our best together yet. We had many questions over the holidays about when we'll start trying again... so far, we're just waiting to see what happens. We stressed ourselves out about it way too much before and I don't want to go through that again. It will happen when God intends it to happen. In the meantime, we'll be working on things that we can change to make our lives better.

Hope everyone has a fantastic day!

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Corin said...

Happy New Year Erin. I hope that it's a great one.