Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday, Monday

I am at work today. Most of you are at home...sleeping in and enjoying a day off. I'm not complaining about it b/c we had two glorious and unexpected days off last week. And we are making this day up due to the death of our prinicipal, which was out of everyone's control as far as missing a day of school. I just feel like the year has been full of odd occurences. Starting school late for Ken's funeral, missing school for sub zero temps, an early start to Christmas break.

I had a wonderful weekend. I had a fantastic time at Bunco on Thursday after a day off. I cleaned my whole house on Thursday, so Friday was a slacker day. I spent the whole day Friday and Saturday with my husband. We did absolutely nothing. We went out to eat with James and Amee on Friday and then played cards. We had a very relaxing weekend after a very tense and stressful week. I've learned one important thing though...if I need help, I have to ask for it. Apparently my husband does not have ESP like I thought, therefore, he does not magically know when I need help with dishes, laundry, trash, etc. This was the subject of a very large (and in all honesty, overly dramatic) debate last week brought on by yours truly. I was stressed out and overwhelemed by a lot of different things for a lot of different reasons, and unfortunately decided to take it out on my husband. I love him dearly, but he receives the brunt of my frustrations the majority of the time. I have promised however to just ask for help next time instead of erupting like Mt. Vesuvius. So far, I am finding this does work a lot better and makes for a much more peaceful household!

I'm looking very forward to Bunco again next month. It was a great time to visit and just relax!

Happy Monday!


Amee Jones said...

I am looking forward to a better less stressful week myself!

Corin said...

I do the same thing to my husband. I try not to but it always seems to happen.

Miss Jenn said...

but wouldn't it be easier for us if they had esp?