Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dear Tuesday,

First of all...don't take offense, but YUCK! As much as I don't like Monday, I think I dislike you more, Tuesday. On Monday, I feel somewhat refreshed after a wonderful weekend of Saturday and Sunday. You're not cool like Wednesday, because that's hump day or half-way. You're not cool like Thursday, because that's the day before Friday, so it's ok by proximity. And I don't even need to explain why Friday is better. You're just blah...you're it's still 3 days of work this week, why did you slack off on Monday and leave everything for today, you should have went to bed instead of watching all those stupid reality shows last night....Tuesday...we've got to do something about your image.



PS: Yes I know I addressed this to a day of the week. No I don't care.


Andrea Frederick said...

I TOTALLY agree! How funny....

Miss Jenn said...

absolutely hilarious and sooo true. doesn't it make you feel better sometimes to just have it out with the thing you have the beef with? no problem addressing a post to a day of the week...completely normal!

Bree Shaw said...

love it! i think it is a great post. and i agree!

Anonymous said...

i love this and couldn't agree more; i'm so with you on this!

Corin said...

That was so funny. To make you feel better I thought I would try and think of some good things about Tue. Let's see how many I can come up with.
1. Once a month it will be the day we have Bunco, only 3 other Tue to muddle through.
2. Dirty Jobs is on TV. This is one of the few shows Steve and I enjoy together.
3. Not as many angry phone calls at work those tend to be on Mon. and Fri. This probably doesn't apply to you though.
Well that's all I got. 2 and 1/2 I don't really think that last one counts. Sorry I couldn't come up with a good reason to enjoy Tue.

Amee Jones said...

LOVE it! Monday is still #1 on my you suck meter.