Monday, January 26, 2009

Just another Manic Monday...wish it were Sunday...

So first things's my new stove...I know, such a super exciting post first thing on a Monday.....How will you handle the excitement?!?!? I'm grateful for a father-in-law and husband, who in the frigid weather, tried to get this silly thing in my house for over an hour. They tried one door and took it off, but it wouldn't go through, so they ended up taking off the front door and getting it in that way! THANK YOU!!!

I used it last night and love it. It will take some figuring out, but for now, it's the most exciting thing happenin' for me right now!

Trenton got up and worked out with the guys this morning @ 5:30. I have to say, I'm grateful that Mike invited him to go. It's good for him and won't make me worry as much about his health and it's good motivation for me to get up and work out too. We've been doing Pilates in the evenings every other day b/c Dr. Dixon told Trenton that was the best way to strengthen up his back and avoid surgery. We both actually really like doing it. It's only 30 minutes, it's effective, and I sleep better!

We didn't really get much done this weekend. Friday, we hung out and James and Amee's and played cards and Scattergories. The boys won again, but it was a lot closer than usual, so I don't think they get as much for bragging rights this week. On Saturday, I met Holly and Myra in Ottumwa for lunch. I got a terrible headache around noon, came home around 3:30, and slept until 6. Talk about lazy...but my headache went away! I fixed some supper and we went to bed. Yesterday, we had a great day at church and a wonderful afternoon at Chuck's. We had chicken & noodles and spent the afternoon watching Castaway...which I had never seen. We've spent a couple Sundays out there recently and it's nice to just visit and relax. Trenton & Chuck then moved some furniture around. All in all, it was a very nice day and made me dread having to come to work today.

Happy Monday!


Amee Jones said...

I had a lot of fun AGAIN! I am so glad that we found you and Trenton as friends. I bet we will still be losing at cards when we're 80.
Also, it is way to cool that you got a Scattergories emai. How funny!

Erin said...

I know...I thought so too...with an "r"...:) We had a lot of fun too. Trenton & I are lucky to have friends like you guys!