Thursday, December 18, 2008

Another early out

Well folks, we are dismissing yet again at 12:15 in anticipation on the storm heading our way. Our poor kids here at school really don't know what to think. We've already been out early once this week. We cancelled the parties scheduled for Friday b/c the superintendent didn't really think we would be here. They were supposed to be this afternoon and now we're leaving early so they're having them this morning. Granted the extra time off will be nice to get stuff done at my house, but I feel for the kids who look so forward to this. For some of this, it's really the best part of Christmas for them b/c they don't get much of one at home. Everyone's working really hard to make the best of the situation. Please pray for a safe and happy holiday season for all these little munchkins heading home. I know the majority of them will have a very blessed holiday, but for some of them, school is the place they feel safest and they won't be here for 2 1/2 weeks.

Also, pray for all the men & women that will no doubt get called out all night to make repairs and get things up and going for the rest of us this evening. Sometimes, I get excited about a snow day and forget that means some very dear friends are going to be out in the cold, ice, and snow while I'm tucked away in my house.

Have a great day. Stay warm, safe, and happy!