Friday, November 7, 2008

Comfort Food

Last night, while eating a grilled cheese sandwich with soup, I realized that I "heart" grilled cheese sandwiches. I only had one last night (mostly b/c we had 6 pieces of bread left and I wanted to make Trenton 2 sandwiches), but I could have totally eaten about 3 more. Obviously, eating 3 additional grilled cheese sandwiches would have only added to the ever increasing size of my ghetto booty...but I digress...grilled cheese is probably my all time comfort food and after a day like was totally worth the butter slathered, melted cheese, calorie ridden little piece of heaven!

What's your comfort food?


Andrea Frederick said...

grilled cheese huh? my comfort food is....can you guess? yep, CHOCOLATE! I know you're shocked! I also LOVE mashed potatoes with white grave and fried chicken!

Corin said...

I'm tottally with you on the grilled cheese. Add some tomato soup and I'm in quick supper heaven. I'm with Andrea though my favorite comfort food is Mashed potatoes, I don't need gravy though. I like my mashed potatoes with cheese and butter and sour cream, healthy I know.