Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Getting the Happy Back

I went to the women's conference at LCC on Saturday. I originally thought I wanted to go, but then wavered. Janice emailed me and asked if I would take pictures. I agreed, but then came down with this stupid cold. Amee, Sarah, & Mandie decided to go shopping and I really wanted to go. I was a bit resentful that I was committed to the Women's conference. I woke up Saturday morning with a fever, sore throat, and stuffy nose. I almost cancelled. But then, I started feeling ok, and figured I better go and not back out on picture taking....and let me tell you........


I'll have to explain more in another post. But seriously, it was a blessing and I definitely know it was God's handiwork that led me there that day even though I was hesitant. I was exactly where I needed to be, hearing exactly what I needed to be hearing.

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Miss Jenn said...

so glad it was worth it. wishing I would have gotten out and gone but didn't figure anyone wanted to sit at the conference with a sick baby!