Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pure a Mason Jar

So I've been on a quest to make the Burger King Mocha Joe's at home for quite sometime now. I didn't want them to be quite so sweet, but also didn't want the hassle of dragging my blender out every morning. We drink decaf coffee (by we, I mean mostly Trenton and occassionally, myself). We probably only make coffee once a week. I love me a good iced mocha frap though....and guess what I stumbled upon yesterday??? The world's easiest recipe. In a mason jar, nonetheless!

Here's the recipe:

Mocha Frap in a Mason Jar-
Noshings @ Tasty Kitchen

•¾ cups Brewed Strong Coffee, Room Temperature
•¾ cups Milk
•1 package Sweetener, A Single Serve Packet, Your Choice
•2 Tablespoons Chocolate Syrup
•2 Tablespoons Liquid Coffee Creamer, Your Flavor Of Choice
•3 whole Ice Cubes
Preparation Instructions
In a 16 oz. Mason jar, put all your ingredients followed with the ice cubes. Put the lid and ring on and shake, shake, shake!

Taste it. Does it need a little more sweetener?
I don’t like mine horribly sweet, so I stick with one packet of Splenda. The creamer and chocolate syrup add the rest of the sugar to sweeten.

As for the creamer, I used Coffeemate Italian Sweet Cream. It’s nondescript, sweet and creamy and lets the coffee and chocolate shine through.
But, if you like hazelnut or coconut cream, go for it!

At this point, you can drink it right out of the jar or pour it over crushed ice and top with whipped cream and drizzle more chocolate for an authentic coffee house experience.


Here's what I changed: I did not add sweetner. I thought the chocolate syrup would be enough. It was for me. I did add a little extra syrup. I add a few more ice cubes because I wasn't going to be able to pour it over crushed ice. I used Coffee-Mate Peppermint Mocha for my liquid creamer. Shake, rattle, and you're ready to drink. I took the lid off, stuck in a straw, and managed to not spill a drop on the way to work! Delicious! Next time, I'm going to purposefully make my coffee a little stronger. I just used what was leftover from yesterday.

Hope someone out there loves this cheap version as much as I did!

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