Monday, October 6, 2008


Quick update on the Tallman household, simply b/c I don't feel up to sitting and typing all that long. I'm back @ work today after taking Thursday and Friday of last week off. Still bleeding/cramping and can't make it stop. It got better over the weekend, but stupidly, I thought since today was only PD, I could make it at work. Plus, I just really hated to be gone another day, unplanned. However, things have degressed today and are now just as bad as they were last week. I'm going home to rest at 3:00 and don't plan on moving off my couch all night. I'm very anemic anyway, but darn it, 11 days of this and I'm wiped out completely! I could probably sleep for a full 24 hours. I'd call the doctor, but he's not in today and we have an appt. tomorrow anyway. Plus, Trenton just called and they are inducing Trinity today apparently...not sure, he had to get off the phone. So, since we share a doctor, I know he's out b/c a different doctor is taking care of her today. Anyway, hope everyone is good and I definitely miss reading everyone's blogs when I'm at home....we have got to get internet!


Miss Jenn said...

praying for your comfort and energy!

Andrea Frederick said...

still praying, love you lots!

Bree Shaw said...

thinking of you

Jamie said...

Hey Pretty Lady,
Michael and I are praying for you and Trent. We hope all is well.
Love ya,
Jamie Casteel