Thursday, October 21, 2010

32 weeks

I'm a little late on the pictures this week as Saturday was technically 32 and I'm closer to 33 now. But the picture was taken on Monday, so I guess close counts right? Our appt went well last week and we'll go again next Friday. I will be doing non-stress tests to monitor her just because Dr. T wants to make sure she's doing ok. Blood pressure continues to be excellent and I actually lost a couple pounds after the previous pile on! Overall, we're getting very VERY excited!

The lovely and thoughtful BUNCO babes surprised me with a shower at our October Bunco and it was fantastic (especially since it was already at my house, which meant I didn't have to pack things home!!) I promise to get pictures from Jenn of our gifts! We were very humbled by the graciousness of our friends and already feel the overwhelming love for our Little Miss.

This is not the most flattering of pictures. Please excuse no makeup and the fact that I hadn't really combed my hair yet. I bought that sweater over the weekend and was totally digging it....then I put it on Monday morning, wore it for about 5 minutes and changed not too long after taking the picture. My belly is still mostly just 2 fat rolls sticking farther and farther out, but whatever, it is what it is and fat rolls or not, there's a healthy little girl inside!

And as a comparison


Jamie said...

I think that you look BEAUTIFUL! I'm sooo HAPPY for you! Just think in about eight weeks you will be holding your little baby girl! It's a pretty overwhelming feeling! The time flies so enjoy every minute of it! :D

Andrea Frederick said...

I can't wait to meet Little Miss!

Melanie said...

You look adorable and beautiful!