Tuesday, October 5, 2010

30 wks

Well, we had our last monthly appt on Friday, October 1st. Everything seems to be going just swimmingly. My blood pressure continues to be good, running on the low side. The only problem with that has been episodes of lightheadedness, but nothing major. I am having SEVERE leg cramps and restless legs. Dr. Tobler suggested that I start taking a magnesium supplement to see if we could relieve some of the pain. Not only do they hurt super bad, but they are also causing me to loose quite a bit of sleep.

We will start our bi-weekly appts on the 15th. It doesn't seem possible that will be our 32 wk appt. We will have another ultrasound that day because he wants to check my fluid level and her measurements as I was measuring between 31 1/2- 32 wks at the 30 wks checkup. Nothing major, I'm sure, but it definitely explains why I feel huge, my pants don't fit, and I've gained more weight in a month than I had altogether! I'm excited to see her again and am hoping this will relieve some of the burning desire to get her here!

I'm starting to get to the uncomfortable stage. Mostly at night. Sleep seems to allude me most nights, but I'm able to catch a few naps during the week to keep up. We have the nursery ready other than hanging stuff on the walls and curtains. I can't find dark wooden curtain rods anywhere! I had curtains bought, but they were the wrong size! One wall will have her name on it, so it will be blank until she gets here. I'm starting to get very anxious about bringing a new baby home in the midst of the holiday chaos. It's hard to plan the holidays not knowing when exactly she will make her debut!

Here's a few pictures of my expanding belly. I'll save you the nightmare of a bare belly and keep it covered for public viewing!

This was 9/15 at approximately 27 1/2 weeks.

and this is today at approximately 30 1/2 wks.

Side by side comparison. Not much change so far, just a lot of fluff!


Jamie said...

You look ADORABLE! I can't wait to meet the little girl! :)
I'm really sorry that I won't be able to make it to your shower. I really wanted to come.... stupid father-in-law turning 60 (j/k).
I hope your legs get to feeling better!

Bree Shaw said...

you look so good! to me it looks like your belly is higher in the second picture. so cute! can't wait to see the nursery at bunco next week.

Melanie said...

Erin you are too cute! I cant believe how fast time has gone. I will be praying for sleep and for restful sleep when you do get it. :)