Monday, August 25, 2008


I AM.....a wife, a friend, a teacher, a sister, a daughter, and many more to come!
I learn to savor today and stop worrying so much about tomorrow. I want to have confidence that I am a good wife, friend, teacher, etc...
I overwhelming desire to nuture others and be a mom someday...
I WISH I COULD......find a way to let my husband know just how much he means to me and how much I appreciate all he does.
I HATE......that I have a need to be accepted and loved by people, even if it's an unhealthy relationship, I still want to be liked and wanted.
I FEAR.......that I won't actually be good at my new job because my heart is still with the kids at my old one.
I SEARCH.......for answers to questions I know I will never actually find the answers to, which in reality tests my faith in ways I wish it didn't...
I REGRET.......that I'll always live with the doubt of whether or not I could have made a difference in the way a loved one's life ended.
I husband and how hard he works to make our life together better everyday. He truly is my soulmate and the one person I know I can ALWAYS count on. I LOVE our church and the peace I have found there. I LOVE our current and future blessings and our families.
I ACHE FOR.........for lost souls..whether it's children, adults, animals, etc. I have a very tender heart. I ACHE FOR one last hug from my dad.
I ALWAYS CRY...........well...I just always cry, alot lately! I cry when I'm mad, sad, happy, joyful, overwhelmed, hurting, etc.
I AM NOT...........perfect, although I waste a lot of my time trying to be and trying to make others think I am. I am not one to make hasty decisions which sometimes means I lose "the moment"
I slow songs when my husband will dance with me. I dance in my head all the time and wish I was as graceful in reality and I am in my fantasy. And I dance to anything when I've overindulged at family functions!
I SING............even though I shouldn't! I sing in the car (which I'm sure is probably the reason Trenton married me...or not), I sing all the's just not always a pleasant experience!
I NEVER............have been able to make food taste the same way as my mother-in-law, even though I follow her recipe exactly!
I RARELY..........meaning almost never, go through a day without telling my husband I love him at least a dozen times.
I CRY WHEN I WATCH............the commercial on TV about the animal adoption...anymore, Trenton just makes me turn my head or cover my eyes.
I AM NOT ok as I seem...
I HATE THAT...........I'm a jealous person when it's totally unnecessary
I'M CONFUSED ABOUT..........why I feel homesick and heartsick when I have a good job and am surrounded my great people, why do I still miss the place I chose to leave?
I trust God more and not spend so much time perfecting my plan when I know my plan isn't always His plan.
I SHOULD...........worry less, love more, laugh more, hug more, and get back to work!

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Andrea Frederick said...

you miss us because we're so unforgettable! i wish I was as graceful in real life too! darn those daydreams:)