Sunday, July 27, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Another year older...honestly, where does the time go? I've had a wonderful day! It seems like alot has happened in the past week that I wanted to blog about, but now I can't remember anything. We spent the morning at church, afternoon at my parents with all my siblings, and this evening at Lisa & Butch's. My brother, Ben, was home for the weekend and I actually had a chance to visit with him. I got to meet his girlfriend...well actually fiancee now, he proposed last night. She seems really nice. We took pictures today of all 5 of us kids with Mom and David...the first pictures since their wedding in 98'. It was definitely time for an update. My fantastic husband got me a new digital camera for my birthday so maybe now I can get some pictures. I love to take pictures but haven't had a decent camera til' now.

On the subject of my husband...not to be too mushy, but he is absolutely amazing! I realize that everyone obviously thinks that the person they are married to is amazing, or they probably wouldn't have married them. But Trenton is honestly one in a million. Everyday he continues to amaze me and make me love him even more. He has been working is @$$ off at work with long hours, weekends, and a never ending to do list, but still he finds a way to spend time with me and let me know that I am an important part of his life. He makes me feel loved, appreciated, and like he couldn't possibly love anyone else more than he does me. I cannot wait to start our family together and grow old together. I do hope he knows how grateful I am that God brought him into my life and let us find our way to each other!

Anyway...enough mushy stuff! I'm headed to Jeff City for a 3 day training, then off to Maryville for my Master's graduation on Thursday. Then Trenton and I are going to take a few days in Maryville to visit old friends and go to the Omaha Zoo.

that's all for now...


Andrea Frederick said...

You're right that was mushy:) Have a good week and enjoy the zoo, it's my favorite. Congratulations on the graduation!!

Amee Jones said...

What will I do without you for almost a whole week :( Have a great time. P.S. I think that Trenton sucks. kidding =D