Monday, November 22, 2010

update coming soon

I promise to update soon with pictures. I'm hoping that we finish up the nursery decorations tonight and putting stuff away so I might actually be able to post those pictures along with an updated belly shot. Pretty much if you've been to SeaWorld....well, that's a good vision on what I feel like right now. I've had dozens of people comment on how tiny I am for 37 weeks, so I guess I should feel blessed to not have one of those watermelon bellies and feet that look sausages! Overall, though, really, things are going fabulously and we're just buying time until Little Miss decides to be an arrival. Friends of Trenton's just had their little girl a week late today and another friend is having her little boy a month early today, so I'm not going to try to out guess her at all....She'll be here whenever she (or the doctor) decides!

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Diane Melvin said...

I'm glad that you still are feeling well. I felt perfectly fine the entire time and my feel only started to swell the last week. Can't wait to see more pics.