Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Catch up

I had great intentions of blog journaling throughout this pregnancy and documenting all the milestones...and that hasn't happened. I'm gonna do a little catch up and pray that now that school is back in full swing, I can update a little more these next three months!

This is our sweet baby girl! We went on July 19th for an u/s and were told that they "thought" it was a girl. We were both over the moon, but were hoping for a 100% shot so we could start planning. We were a little disappointed with the tech and by the fact that we didn't get a 3-d u/s. But, we went for our monthly doctor appt on my birthday, July 27th. Everything was going great, however, the u/s showed that my amniotic fluid was low, which was the reason they couldn't do the 3-d. He wanted to check my fluid level again and ordered another u/s.

So we went back on August 4th at 21weeks 4days and were able to see clearly that she is definitely a girl! She was moving to much to get any real clear pictures, but the tech was able to capture the one above of her face. She has her mouth wide open and was getting ready to put her hand in there. I was amazed and fascinated that she looks like a real little person. I cried and laughed and giggled at her silly movements. She would grab at her feet, then put her hands over her face, put her fingers up her nose, etc. Quite the personality already I would say!

Things have been progressing well and the time is ticking quickly. I'm beyond excited for her to get here and be able to hold her, but at the same time there is so much to do! And I'm starting to freak out about actually being competent enough to care for her.

We had our August monthly appt yesterday. All external measurements are right on. And even though I can't fit into a single pair of pants, I've only gained a little over 9 lbs. Her heart was just a beating away. I passed my 3 hr. glucose tolerance test with flying colors and my blood pressure is actually staying on the rather low side at 93/60. I haven't had any major swelling issues other than my fingers overnight, but they usually go down by mid-morning.

We're working on the nursery and I am hoping to have it all ready to go by the October Bunco date to show off! We decided on the bed set we already had from Vicki that is Osh Kosh Patchwork Stars. It's cute, country, and rustic. I think it will be fabulous. I have a picture in my head, but never execute the look the way I envision! We're supposed to move the rest of the furniture in the nursery tonight and will hopefully be getting the crib soon. My sisters have set a date for my shower for October 30th, and I have to admit, I'm crazy excited!

We have a name picked out, but are opting to keep it a secret. Trenton & I call her that when it's just us, and it's getting harder and harder to not "slip" in public. I fretted about names for so long, but after we saw her face, I just knew we'd found the perfect name. I can't imagine her being anything else.

I think that's the last few months in a nutshell. Month 6 starts soon, so maybe I'll be able to post a little more frequently from here on out!


Corin said...

So, excited for you guys. I can't wait to find out what the name is.

Miss Jenn said...

I'm just over the moon for you guys. There is NOTHING like it! Praising God that you are getting your "turn".

Shonya said...

I love this post! :) I'm so excited for you, and I'm sure you will be competent--she is the baby God has given you, and He will equip you to raise her in His nurture and admonition if you seek Him.

Bree Shaw said...

You definitely have waited a long time for this. I am so glad things are going smoothly and that you guys had the Love for God to know He had a plan for you. I can't wait to hear what the name is.